Sprouted Quinoa and Honey Bread

Rainbow Tails

So at the inspiration and encouragement of my dear friend, I have begun sprouting…

I mentioned this casually to friends of mine with a twinkle in my eye, and one says “oh you’re using your Mom’s sprouter?” The other says “When are you due?”

ha. ha.

Anyway so I took store-bought quinoa (my new favourite grain) and put it in a mason jar, with a square of cheese cloth and screwed the ring around it tight. I seem to be swimming in cheese cloth these days but any meshing will work. Then I soaked the quinoa for 20 minutes, then rinsed. I continued rinsing every 8-12 hours for three days and voila! They sprouted. Like a rainbow too! The little stems were red, yellow, green. Then I took these lovely lively little plants and I cooked ‘em to the death!

I perused past this blog in my internet travels, reading about sprouting and I came across sprouted quinoa and honey bread.

Mine didn’t look quite like this loaf. Hers is puffier. But it tastes good. Earthy, planty, healthy. I know, none of these words make you salivate. But really, toasted with honey, it’s a treat. We also made labneh recently (Yoghurt cheese) and the satisfaction of eating two products you made yourself, well, let’s just say it’s just irrevocably satiating.

And the dough looks like it has tails of a rainbow.

Bread is done




Welcome to my new blog.

I have to admit that I resisted doing a blog. I mean, who wants to read someone’s personal journal? But lately I’ve been quite enjoying reading a variety of blogs. And now I’ve been told by a few people dear to me that they want to see pictures, to read about my experiences. So, to reiterate, welcome.

I hope to share with you what I’m learning. I’ve been exploring bread making, cheese making, beekeeping, growing vegetables, living locally. I am attempting to “Make it my ambition to lead a quiet life, to work with my hands…”

How quiet is it to blog? Really? How private? Honestly, I enjoy my privacy immensely. So if I decline to share every detail, so be it. Sometimes my privacy has limits and sometimes it exuberantly throws it’s cloak off and bears the depths to the world. Be patient with

me when I have those moments, dear reader. They soon shall pass.

So small window of my blog, welcome to my life.

(I’ll try to take lots of pictures.)