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I have a friend expecting their very first baby. So I knitted a little vest. It is a new pattern to me that I got from Soule Mama’s blog. I just have to attach the buttons and then it will be shipped off in the mail. My friend is due any day so it’s all very exciting!

A reason that I love knitting is how portable it becomes. I can remember where I was when I was knitting this, and past projects. This little vest has been knit in my living room, in my comfortable bed, knitted to “A Serious Man” (movie) and “An Education.” It has been knitted while listening to Johnny Cash, Tragically Hip, Wailin’ Jennys, and a lot of Alabama 3, a hint of Tommy Emmanuel and Ashley McIsaac. It has already travelled to a Farmer’s institute meeting, to Victoria at a birthday dinner, to work and back to ease the boredom if the power cuts out.

The whole time I’ve been knitting this one, I want it to fit me. I want to climb into this soft wool, and parade around in a new little vest. I am small, but I am not this small.

Made anything fun lately?

What I read today that inspired

There are two things I read that inspired me today. If you have time in the hussle and bustle of Christmas, I hope you enjoy them.

Down to Earth- Living A Deliberate Life

Soule Mama- My Little Elf

In all the busyness, I hope you get a moment to enjoy a cookie and a cup o’ eggnog in peace and remember the meaning of the holiday season.


She can sew… The Ugly

(This post will have no photos. It is too embarrassing!)

My parents came to visit me this weekend. It was lovely to have a good visit with them. Since moving to our small island we do not see each other as much as we used to.

With her, my mom brought her sewing machine. Yes, I was utterly inspired by a blog I’ve been reading lately called Soule Mama. Thank you Andrea for your linky love. I’ve been attempting knitting, this hasn’t gone too bad, (but thank you Warren for your suggestion at loom knitting. I’ll have to look into that.) Right now I’m doing the good ol’ two needles and the wool. Success has been moderate as I haven’t tried anything really difficult yet.

Anyway, back to sewing. I got some frabric at the Nu-To-U, which is our on-island Thrift store. $4 for quite a bit of fabric. I took a pattern my mom brought for a nightie. I thought, that looks simple. How can it go too far wrong?

Little did I know.

I will not post photos of the results. My mother is a very patient coach.

And I will not give up.

But I have never


seen a more ugly nightie

in all



What I have enjoyed…

We have a film group on Pender which I inadvertently joined. I was trying to push this movie to come to our small island. Last night they played a movie called Food Inc. Our film group is run by a group of people on island who prefer to build timber-frame, strawbale houses, have their babies in pools at home, and eat vegan while unschooling their children.

This is where my hippy roots are leading me. Though I’m still researching.

Anyway the movie:


It was a culmination of a bunch of different documentaries and books I’ve been reading lately. If you wanted to save yourself the time, you could simply watch this movie and absorb my last year of re-education about our food system. A warning for you. I know it’s wonderful to eat a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the latest flick.

Do Not Eat while Watching this Movie! You will feel rather sick. (If you are anything like me…)

Secondly, I have discovered this blog from linky love on this blog.

I am in love. I have never sewn in my life. I have not had a desire to sew. It was one of the homesteading aspects of life I was happy to decline. This blog makes me want to sew, knit, and roll myself up in soft fabric and soft toques. I LOVE this blog. So if you get a moment, share in the joy this gives me.

And, can anyone teach me to knit?


Yes, I’m hooked I believe. Hooked.