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Spring Equinox


Spring is the season for death and resurrection. And I’m not just talking about Easter. In both Christian and Pagan beliefs, there are religious rituals connected with the March Equinox. Don’t you just love that word? Equinox.

The daffodils are my first sign that Spring is here!


There’s nothing like having fresh cut flowers on my desk at work to remind me of the wider world out there. And giving someone fresh cut flowers always receives a smile. At the brink of every season, I celebrate. I think I’m a sucker for change…

Today we were transplanting tomato seedlings.



These tomatoes are my seedlings. They are Roma tomatoes (good for drying) and Scarlet Heirloom tomatoes (good for canning.)


Spring is a season of growth. I intend to take advantage of this seasonal persuasion. Growing and expanding! Yes Please! I am growing not only seedlings, not only a hive of bees, not only a culture of yoghurt, I am growing a list of books! I have a recommended book on gardening, raising sheep, raising chickens, local food, small farming, and of course, bees!

It seems my hobbies could turn HUGE in no time at all, thanks to the season of Growing!



Spring has sprung!

Just a quick note to show off my seedlings.



This is my quinoa! It’s multi-hued and very colourful and quick to germinate.



And my garlic sprouts. The deer seem to despise this. Don’t tell them that they are very tasty sauteed in butter, not to mention the benefits for the immune system.

So excited!!!

Creator Vs. Consumer

I often feel discouraged at our consumer lifestyle. Ok, on Pender I realize that I’m more removed from “consumerism” than most. I do not have a shopping mall, I do not have a sushi nook. I do not even have a shoe store. But still, I consume. I buy, I eat, I use, I wear out my clothes. I find this discouraging.

I would rather be a creator. I would rather grow things, make things, spin up the imagination and let er’ fly.

I bought “A Circle of Quiet” by Madeleine L’Engle at the TC book sale last month. I’ve been reading bits of it slowly. At the beginning she’s talking about teaching a class of teachers to teach children to be creative. (I know, triplicate use of the word “teach”) She says that one must remove “self” from conscious and then the imagination can flow. When you are conscious of self (self-conscious) then you have no freedom to create, to move, to dance, to sing. I love this thought. I’ve grabbed onto it with both hands.

Marc and I were in the grocery store getting food, (consuming) and he was dancing in the produce aisle. I ruined the moment by pointing out his glee. He became a little embarrassed. I pointed out his “self” to him and as if in a mirror, he turned away. I felt sad immediately after I’d done it. Then of course, he was defiant and wiggled away, dancing to music in his head. I did no permanent damage.

To spin the imagination up, and to create. This is a goal of mine. Before you all get carried away, I did not say Pro-Create. I said Create!

Behold, my creation!


These are spinach and scarlet tomato heirloom seedlings. I’m so proud!


These ones are onion and roma tomatoes. These tomatoes will be good for dehydrating, thus producing sun-dried tomatoes. They are a favourite on our pizzas.

Also, my garlic is coming up and making a real show of it. If you don’t tell the deer, I won’t either!


Create Create Create! I’m trying…

Today is Friday

Thank goodness for Friday! I’m in my jeans today and I’m getting up slowly. My head is whirring with the possibilities of starting my garden this weekend. We found a spot at a friend’s property that is already all fenced in. The gate on it is an adorable old wooden gate. I’ll take pictures next time I’m up there. I have big plans for this garden but since I’ve never had a garden, it’s hard to know where to start!

p3020014Ok, just to clarify, these seeds are not mine. But mine will look like that in another couple weeks. (Here’s for being optimistic!) The garden has been in disuse now for quite a few years. There are four fruit trees in the garden that we’d like to plant around. One cherry tree (which needs some serious care. Anyone know a cherry tree doctor?) a plum tree, an apple tree and a pear tree.

We’re going to try this “new” technique to avoid roto-tilling. We’re going to lay a layer of cardboard/newspaper, then cover it with lawn clippings, then top soil, and theoretically you can plant right through the newspaper as it deteriorates. And it kills the sod underneath. This is a suggestion from the land-owner and a glossy gardening magazine she bought me. Hopefully it works. We’ll start with a smaller garden this year. Some potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, leeks and tomatoes. Then we’ll get bigger next year. Sweet peas, melons, pumpkins, etc etc. Or we’ll realize this is way too much work and downsize a little.

Since I’ve never started a garden before, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m welcome to them!