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A Friday Moment






I’ve been up to my usual tricks this week, gardening and shaping clay. I’m feeling a little dry on my blogging lately. Really, guys, this is my life. I read a little, I write a little, I work too much, I shape some clay, play some piano, prepare some bee stuff and drive my small truck around the island.

We’ve planted some more peas, beans, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, cabbage and other assorted veggies.

On Island, the cows have had calves, the sheep have had lambs that I have no good photos to show you the evidence. The weather has been mostly cold and mostly rainy with some patches of sunshine.

What have you been up to?

This neighbourhood is gettin’ Seedy!

We have placed our seed order, we have wrangled our seed-saving inventory and we are getting ready to do some planting.

It’s funny that I’ve lived so oblivious to season changes all my life. I mean, I think of the season changes as what clothes I can now wear or put away. Now my seasons mean very different things. This is my second year growing a vegetable garden. This is my second upcoming Spring with honeybees and I’m gearing up. Anticipating.


This is our second year buying seeds from Salt Spring Seeds. Last year we purchased leek seeds, multi-hued quinoa and some other varieties that we were well-pleased with.


We purchased our beans and peas last year from West Coast seeds. We also got to eat food that another farm ordered seeds from these guys so we’ve seen great results.

This year we’re keeping in mind what food we ate last year, what did well, what food we’d like to eat and what plants will be good bee food. With so many choices, we definitely have to prioritize. We’ll keep you posted as we make the final plans for our garden. Anything you’ve had particular success with or recommend we try growing? We’ve been looking for Jerusalem artichokes (or sunchokes) but so far, we’ve only found a seed company in New Brunswick that sells them. Any suggestions?

Any plants in your area that you noticed the bees were all over?


Because those are the ones that I’ll want too! (Photo curtesy of West Coast seeds.)

Whether the Weather be Fine


There’s a little tongue twister from when I was a kid that I think of when people talk about the weather.

Whether the weather be fine

Whether the weather be not

Whether the weather be fair

Whether the weather be not

Whether the weather whatever

The weather, whether we like it or not.

I must be honest, conversation regarding weather bored me to no end. It’s the epitome of small talk or meaningless conversation. Now, don’t review every conversation we’ve ever had and wonder if I was rolling my eyes. My mother taught me better manners than that. But I just didn’t understand why people get sad when it’s rainy and happy when it’s sunny.


…Until moving to Pender.

I’ve been out of touch with the world around me. As soon as I began obsessing about beekeeping, I watched the weather like a hawk. Above 10C means we can play with bees. Too much wind means no play-time. I watch the temperatures, perched on the edge of my seat. When it snows, I get a chill, thinking about the bees outside. Poor bees!



This Spring I’ve been more aware of the weather than ever before. I’m waiting to get my seedlings in, to get my garden soil, to grow, to till, to plant so that I may harvest! Pender dear Pender, you have opened my eyes to the weather around me. Whether it be whatever it be, whether we like it or not.