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Happy Easter!


Last year I showed you our coffee order from Pot of Gold coffee. Last year they gave us two little chocolate eggs wrapped in foil to find in our coffee beans. This year, they have not let us down.


I have a long weekend this weekend to flounce about the island. I’ve been enjoying the many treats it has to offer. Like the Nu-To-U. I found some excellent fabric there to continue my sewing disasters with as much flamboyance as possible.


A bag? All I see is a bag.


This is a dress of course. I have a picture of exactly the kind of dress I want to sew this into, in my head. But we’ll see how it actually comes out. Hopefully it will have more success than the “vulcan nighty” which is tenderly referred to now.

It is the first weekend of the farmer’s market. We got some leeks, onions and mixed greens from Hope Bay Farm. Then we galavanted over to the in-laws to work on the bee hives. I have 15 hives of bees coming in the next couple months so I have to make sure their homes are ready for them. They do not tend to bring a lot of luggage, and since they’re flying they’ll have a baggage restriction. Good thing they tend to travel light. We have been scraping out the old wax in the frames that have been pretty chewed by wax moths. We’ve been scraping propolis off the corners so that the frames do not stick together quite as much. Then we have been sanding and painting the supers.

This is kind of how it works. There is a bottom board, then the brood chambers, then the honey supers then the inner cover, then the outer cover. Like this:


And then assembled, they look like this:


Since I got a lot of my equipment second-hand, it has to be cleaned up, refurbished and renovated to bring it into modern times. None of that green shag carpet in my beehives.


I’ve stained my hives and then when I ran out of stain, I painted them.


Yes, it’s a lot of work. This, tending to the bees. But when the power has been out, what else is there to do but renovate beehives.

The beginning of our seedlings are coming up. We have a few varieties of tomatoes poking their heads up, as well as artichokes and sunflowers. Have you planted anything yet?

I hope your Easter lent itself to much chocolate, good food and a warm cozy place to curl up.



Spring has sprung!

Just a quick note to show off my seedlings.



This is my quinoa! It’s multi-hued and very colourful and quick to germinate.



And my garlic sprouts. The deer seem to despise this. Don’t tell them that they are very tasty sauteed in butter, not to mention the benefits for the immune system.

So excited!!!

Creator Vs. Consumer

I often feel discouraged at our consumer lifestyle. Ok, on Pender I realize that I’m more removed from “consumerism” than most. I do not have a shopping mall, I do not have a sushi nook. I do not even have a shoe store. But still, I consume. I buy, I eat, I use, I wear out my clothes. I find this discouraging.

I would rather be a creator. I would rather grow things, make things, spin up the imagination and let er’ fly.

I bought “A Circle of Quiet” by Madeleine L’Engle at the TC book sale last month. I’ve been reading bits of it slowly. At the beginning she’s talking about teaching a class of teachers to teach children to be creative. (I know, triplicate use of the word “teach”) She says that one must remove “self” from conscious and then the imagination can flow. When you are conscious of self (self-conscious) then you have no freedom to create, to move, to dance, to sing. I love this thought. I’ve grabbed onto it with both hands.

Marc and I were in the grocery store getting food, (consuming) and he was dancing in the produce aisle. I ruined the moment by pointing out his glee. He became a little embarrassed. I pointed out his “self” to him and as if in a mirror, he turned away. I felt sad immediately after I’d done it. Then of course, he was defiant and wiggled away, dancing to music in his head. I did no permanent damage.

To spin the imagination up, and to create. This is a goal of mine. Before you all get carried away, I did not say Pro-Create. I said Create!

Behold, my creation!


These are spinach and scarlet tomato heirloom seedlings. I’m so proud!


These ones are onion and roma tomatoes. These tomatoes will be good for dehydrating, thus producing sun-dried tomatoes. They are a favourite on our pizzas.

Also, my garlic is coming up and making a real show of it. If you don’t tell the deer, I won’t either!


Create Create Create! I’m trying…

Planning the Garden


This is the site of my future garden. And I’m feeling overwhelmed. There are blackberry bushes to the right, rose bushes on the inside of the wooden fence. At the back there are the fruit trees. The far back left corner is where we’re going to grow our veggies. It’s the sunniest area. Can I just say, I wish I knew what I was doing! I feel like I have not done enough reading about gardening. I’m going to have to launch into research mode and get myself caught up on the art of producing produce!


Perhaps it’s the snow fall from last night, but I’m having trouble imagining little carrot tops, leeks, onions, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes dotting the garden. We were thinking of putting sweet peas and melons against the inside fence so that the deer can’t nibble. But next year. The poly-tunnel you see in the back right is our neighbour’s garden that borders onto ours. They are excellent gardeners and produce veggies for the farmer’s market. I’m hoping they’ll be an excellent resource.

A friend on island is also hoping to start a veggie garden this year. She keeps waffling on if she should plant, or wait, and should she or shouldn’t she… And I keep saying “Just do it! You’ll learn as you go!” so I reiterate my wreckless confidence back to myself! This is not a performance. This is just vegetables. Just do it!

p3080005This is our future house. In June we’ll be caretaking a very large amount of property. Our plans for this land stretch longer than the sheep fence! We’re very excited!

Can you picture it? I’m starting to.