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Set up tents, caterpillars!


In the midst of moving, we have discovered an infestation of wire-worms in our garden, tent caterpillars in our fruit trees and that sometimes Shaw cable are tardy and sometimes they are right on time.

We were wondering why our “22-day” promise of radishes were not coming to pass, and we discovered wire-worms. They have eaten our lettuce, radishes, spinach, beets, beans, leeks, onions, carrots, quinoa and zucchini sprouts. They were hungry hungry worms. Then as we were moving, painting, tearing down walls in our tiny foot-print of a cabin, we discovered caterpillars making tents in our fruit trees.

These nasty little guys were on every single fruit tree and they needed to be dealt with pronto! With a painting crew (all our lovely Sunday-sacrificing friends and family) bound to show up any minute, Marc raced out to the fruit trees to deal with the caterpillars, while I organized the painting.

Suffice to say, we are moved in to our cozy little cabin. We just figured out how to turn on the propane hot water heater. The likelihood of a shower is growing and much needed.

There is so much I want to do at this property. I want try another volley of radishes in the upper garden to see if they fair better. I want to fertilize the blueberries as the fruit is setting on them. I want to weed the currant bushes to ensure the fruit to set. But tonight I content myself to curl up with a glass of milk and a bar of very good chocolate and blog.



The tent caterpillars ended up in this inferno. I did not shed a tear when I thought of all the apple potential these suckers could have munched. Apparently with tent caterpillars, they go in 7 year cycles and this year was year 7.

My gardening neighbours have informed us that we are not allowed to ‘discover’ any more pests as this has been a particularly bad year for gardening in our area. The season is a month behind so that the community garden is only getting to plant this week. The bees are behind so my two nuc hives are not ready for pick up yet though we were hoping they’d be ready before the end of May. Everything is behind but hopefully next year I won’t be moving when everything is on time!

But, what appears to be ahead are my tomatoes. The romas are two inches long now. This is without fertilizer… Wait till I get the nettle tea that Marc’s been brewing for the past few weeks. Then we’ll see them blush up in no time.

In other news, Marc has ordered us ducklings. He’s done his research and found a breed of duck that lays more prolificly than chickens. They are called Khaki Campbells. (Quickly renamed to Quackie Campbells) He’s ordered us a dozen little ducklings that we apparently have to “brood” until they become fluffy like tennis balls and follow us around everywhere. I think we’ll try to get the kittens at the same time as the ducks (around July 25th) so that they can grow up together and be amicable. That’s right, we are diving into farming. Let’s hope it’s not a belly-flop.

What have you been up to, my dear reader?

Moving the Bees

Last night, under the cover of sneaky darkness, we moved the bees.


The bees didn’t even realize it had happened to them, so successful were we.



Until they woke up this morning and found themselves underneath a crown of apple blossoms.

I had to check on them to make sure they were safe.



And they are happier than ever before!

I have not written lately because we have been busying ourself with farm activity. We have been planting an asparagus bed, watering our radishes, (among watering  other things) tending to bees and equipment, and watching our tomatoes bloom.


One must take full advantage of the week of sunshine. We feel happy and healthier than ever.

Everywhere we go, we seem to inherit plants.


These are an artichoke score from Lesley. Thank you!!

I entered myself into a contest on a friend’s blog Whimfield and she is sending me giant pumpkin seeds all the way from P.E.I. We are growing things nation wide!

I think we may have to  do a big ol’ seed exchange on the blog-o-sphere next year when I collect my own seeds.  Who’s in?

Happy Growing and Sunning!


Take those Blue Suede shoes off that Hound Dog!


Elvis Presley was born January 8th, 1935 and died when my mom was 17 years old. But I love his music. I realize his influence as an international rock n’ roll icon and all that fame and glory surrounding The King, but what I know is that his songs cheer me up. They make me swing my arms, shake my hips, jiggle and wiggle and move to the music!

There are so many things about Elvis that fascinate me; the fame surrounding him, twisting him into what he became; his musical influences, the black gospel, the blues, pop culture; society’s reaction to him. I suppose that it astonishes me that some people make it to the limelight but most just fade away.

Elvis does not have lyrics that inspire the mind. Jailhouse Rock is about dancing in prison, Hound dog about a shady character who whines and lies. Treat me Nice is about just that. There’s nothing awe-inspiring in these themes. They do not compell me to write and explore the deeper meaning. But man, are they fun to wiggle to! The bass line, the tune, that Elvis way of singing, it gets me grinning every time!

What music gets you grinning?