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Time Management

Wanna hear about what I’ve been terrible at lately? Oh, did I give it away in the title? Last weekend I managed to get a lot done, minus any sleep available. And I was completely manic and booked things in over top of each other so that I was running from one event to another. It was madness. It was like city life. I am now a country mouse and so I need to regulate my time so that I do not burn out. Below are some of the results of my manic life of late.






This is not my plate. But I kicked the wheel to help make it. Isn’t it beautiful?



Marc has been taking full advantage of the mini truck in all it’s faculties. He is now gathering fire wood for our next year’s stash. It is important to give the green wood time to “season” so that it’s nice and dry for the wood stove. Some of this is arbutus that had fallen in our big wind storm. Arbutus is a very hard wood and it burns forever, but it is also native to the West Coast and protected so you can’t just go cutting it down willy-nilly.

Below is a photo of Holly, a friend, and her new baby Robert Titus. Titus is doning the new vest that I mailed to them. I’m happy to report it fits him perfectly! (For now!)



Congratulations Marcus and Holly on a beautiful “strapping” baby boy!

Oh, good news, the Leeks, marigolds and sunflower seedlings are just cracking the surface. My arugula is sprouting and our radishes have their second leaves! Yay for Spring! Yay for the upcoming garden produce!

Do you have any tips how I can better manage my time? Do you use a day timer? How many social engagements do you plan in a day? I think I’m going to limit myself to two things a day so that I can find space in my days to relax, sniff the tulips which are in full bloom on Pender.

Sending happy weekend wishes!

Wild Edibles

Green is everywhere on our farm and we have been taking full advantage by being outside a lot. Our asparagus is just starting to come up and the garlic is going gang-busters. In our efforts to eat more locally, to eat more sustainably and to grow our own food, we must also address the opportunity of foraging!

We watched a fantastic mini series by Ray Mears on wild foods, though admittedly in England, Marc has been reading up on what wild foods in our area are edible. Last year through Locavore’s blog, we were pointed to Miner’s Lettuce.



Miner’s lettuce was eating in the Californian gold rush by Miners to boost their vitamin C. We’ve been foraging it and eating it in salads with sunflower seeds, cranberries, boiled egg and an olive oil and dijon mustard dressing. Sometimes I toss in a few capers to spice things up. It is delicious and we both prefer it to lettuce.

Stinging Nettles are our other wild edible at this time of year.


Unlike the Miner’s lettuce, you cannot eat these babies raw. Unless you want a very stinging tongue. Right, Dad? The new leaves on Stinging Nettle are quite tender after you neutralize the poison. We do this by steaming or boiling the leaves. Then we use it in Soup, in with mashed potatoes or just by itself with butter and a touch of salt, like spinach. We have yet to try it in an omlette but I believe it’s on our list. Also, we need to see how it would fair on pizza.

You tried any good edibles lately that may only have to travel as far as you backyard? I’d love to hear about it!

Oh, and, we are slowly trying to cut down on our carbon footprint. We are currently driving a Dodge Caravan, with it’s V6 engine, we are doing the poor air no favours. So we have opted for something a little friendlier.


The sides can fold down, making it a flat bed. It’s going to be a great truck for hauling bees. It also has a motorcycle engine in it (660cc) so it’ll be much friendlier on gas. Though it is not electric, every step in the right direction counts. And, it’s really fun to drive!

(Camo be gone, we plan on painting it.)