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Planning the Garden


This is the site of my future garden. And I’m feeling overwhelmed. There are blackberry bushes to the right, rose bushes on the inside of the wooden fence. At the back there are the fruit trees. The far back left corner is where we’re going to grow our veggies. It’s the sunniest area. Can I just say, I wish I knew what I was doing! I feel like I have not done enough reading about gardening. I’m going to have to launch into research mode and get myself caught up on the art of producing produce!


Perhaps it’s the snow fall from last night, but I’m having trouble imagining little carrot tops, leeks, onions, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes dotting the garden. We were thinking of putting sweet peas and melons against the inside fence so that the deer can’t nibble. But next year. The poly-tunnel you see in the back right is our neighbour’s garden that borders onto ours. They are excellent gardeners and produce veggies for the farmer’s market. I’m hoping they’ll be an excellent resource.

A friend on island is also hoping to start a veggie garden this year. She keeps waffling on if she should plant, or wait, and should she or shouldn’t she… And I keep saying “Just do it! You’ll learn as you go!” so I reiterate my wreckless confidence back to myself! This is not a performance. This is just vegetables. Just do it!

p3080005This is our future house. In June we’ll be caretaking a very large amount of property. Our plans for this land stretch longer than the sheep fence! We’re very excited!

Can you picture it? I’m starting to.

Today is Friday

Thank goodness for Friday! I’m in my jeans today and I’m getting up slowly. My head is whirring with the possibilities of starting my garden this weekend. We found a spot at a friend’s property that is already all fenced in. The gate on it is an adorable old wooden gate. I’ll take pictures next time I’m up there. I have big plans for this garden but since I’ve never had a garden, it’s hard to know where to start!

p3020014Ok, just to clarify, these seeds are not mine. But mine will look like that in another couple weeks. (Here’s for being optimistic!) The garden has been in disuse now for quite a few years. There are four fruit trees in the garden that we’d like to plant around. One cherry tree (which needs some serious care. Anyone know a cherry tree doctor?) a plum tree, an apple tree and a pear tree.

We’re going to try this “new” technique to avoid roto-tilling. We’re going to lay a layer of cardboard/newspaper, then cover it with lawn clippings, then top soil, and theoretically you can plant right through the newspaper as it deteriorates. And it kills the sod underneath. This is a suggestion from the land-owner and a glossy gardening magazine she bought me. Hopefully it works. We’ll start with a smaller garden this year. Some potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, leeks and tomatoes. Then we’ll get bigger next year. Sweet peas, melons, pumpkins, etc etc. Or we’ll realize this is way too much work and downsize a little.

Since I’ve never started a garden before, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m welcome to them!