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Pea Soup Fairy and other tales

We’ve had a reprieve from the wind and rain as last night it was a clear starry sky and this morning, we actually saw a sunrise. But do not fret, the wind is back and another storm is approaching. Luckily I am tucked at home, on a lunch break, with soup on the stove and a very warm fire at my back.

We are having an “eat out of the freezer” type of week and it’s amazing what we have discovered. I was telling my lovely co-workers about finding a mysterious unlabelled glass jar in our fridge filled with green goo. Upon defrosting, we discovered pea soup! A co-worker of mine declared “We had mysterious pea soup last night from the freezer too.” At which I logically concluded that a Pea Soup fairy has been visiting unsuspecting freezers on Pender Island recently. And right on time too. It is lovely pea soup weather.

I have had an excuse with this lousy weather to practise my knitting. I attempted to knit baby booties for a friend who just had a baby. Congrats Friend! I found a “very easy” pattern on the internet. Now, please realize with me that I have no spacial awareness. I’ve found that this missing skill would be quite useful in the realm of knitting. I could not picture how this pattern would turn this strip of knitting into a bootie. Plus I found the pattern very confusing. I think I need some coaching for this. Plus, I realized that I did not have enough yarn to make TWO booties! So I would have had a pair of mismatched booties. My friend, knowing me since I was a wee tike, would have received the mismatched booties, sighed and perhaps chuckled. She would have understood that they were from me and that an under-estimation of yarn had occured. She knows me this well.

But that tragedy was averted when I decided to change the booties into a toque. Behold, the bootie baby toque.


This baby is a newborn but this toque is awfully small. So Friend, please feel free to use this toque on a teddy bear if it does not fit said baby’s head.


What is amazing about this toque is that, the day I mailed it to aforementioned Friend, I checked the mail and received a toque from a completely different friend. This friend had heard that I was learning to knit and how much I loved knitted toques and she took it upon herself to surprise me! All I can say is:

Give and you shall receive!


Thank you very much Amanda for the beautiful toque! I am in love and wear it regardless of the red I’m wearing, regardless of being at the office. I love this toque and I am wearing it wrecklessly.

Stay tune for further sewing adventures….

Amanda as a quilted Bee

Thank you Mom for the most beautiful quilt I’ve ever seen! It is strewn with bees and fairy-gardeners, dragonflies and lady bugs. It is the perfect fusion of your style and my style and it’s wrapped around me right now! Thank you!


I love the bee randomly sewn on the back of this quilt! It’s my favourite feature.


The Nutritional Fairy

If only there was a fairy that could come along and deposit vitamins under your pillow at night, closely related to the tooth fairy. She would ensure that you were eating a balanced diet, or she would assign the tooth fairy as her hitman. But, as the obese people of North America exemplify, this is not the case.

I strive to eat healthy. I concoct all sorts of fooling devices to ensure that Marc eats healthy. I try not to go on diets (because I don’t have the self control for them.) and I try to do things in moderation. So what do you think about “Healthy Cookies?”

p31000132These cookies have everything BUT the kitchen sink. They are composed of whatever I have left after making granola. Now, I do not have a nutritional break down of these cookies, but I think the Fairy would approve.

I look forward to being able to make soup from veggies I grew. But for now, we’ll have to settle with heirloom organic lentil and rice mix from the store. Marc has a special talent with making good soups into¬† Miraculous Soups!


To encourage ourselves with our store-bought soup we reconstituted, we took a drive to check on our seedlings. Note the one with leaves. They are not mine! Mine are the ones still sleeping under the black soil. Lesley’s seeds are a couple weeks ahead of mine so it gives mine courage to poke through their new world.

p3100015p3100017So as we cheer the seeds on, we dream. Wishing the seeds all the success and the snow to melt quickly. Thank you Fairy, for all the wisdom!