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Space Between


There is fiction in the space between
You and reality
You will do and say anything
To make your everyday life
Seem less mundane
There is fiction in the space between
You and me

When I walk back and forth to work, then home for lunch then back to work, I get a chance to think, to listen, to re-evaluate. It is my “space between.” The verse above is from Tracy Chapman’s song “Telling Stories.” I’ve been thinking about the different stories that I’ve seen that I would love to tell and how to write them properly, with dignity and with consideration for whom I’m telling the story of.

A friend of mine gives her children a mandatory “quiet time.” When I was young, before breakfast we had to have a quiet time too. This forced reflection has carried on with me and I try to make time for it during the day so that I can process, recalculate and gain perspective.

Though, in another conversation I had this week, I must be aware that I do not let the “space between” be all encompassing, thus forgetting me and reality. As beautifully put by a dear friend, I don’t want to be a head that my legs just walk around. I want to be present and involved in the moment so that I don’t miss it as it scurries past.

Do you build in a time to process into your day? Or week? Do you also have difficulty balancing between living in the “space between” and living in reality?

(The picture of the anchor I included above is what I’m currently searching for in my space between. With John’s passing, I feel I am one less anchor in my life and I am floating rather aimlessly. This anchor symbolizes what I want, to be grounded.)

BC Grown

I entered the Tru Value (our grocer) with my plastic green shopping basket. My mission: to find something edible for dinner. In a grocery store, you’d think this wouldn’t be very hard. But in my recent book perusing, I’d come across some writing by Michael Pollen. His advice for good eating is to “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” After watching what I’ve put past my lips lately, it is not mostly plants. It seems so simple but it is not. Why?

(rhetorical question I suppose.)

So I went into the grocery store with all this in mind. Something for dinner. Mostly plants. When I go grocery shopping, I always start from the right of the store and work my way to the left. The left most aisle in our Tru Value is the deli, the bread and then the meat. I decided right then and there to only buy local, just to see what jamboree we’ll get for a meal. I bought Comox grown double smoked bacon (4 slices) for a couple bucks, a dozen mussels from Quadra Island for another couple bucks.

Then I went to the veggie section, usually my last stop. Isn’t it funny how we choose what meat we want for a meal and then what veggies go with the meat? Well what if we started at the veggies, and have meat as an optional side dish?

Then real-life happened and the power went out as I was writing this. I had beautiful photos for it and everything. But I did not get back to this until the next day. Then the next day had it’s own set of surprises. A very dear family friend of mine, John Bradford, passed away whilst skiing on Mt Washington. I am headed up to Tofino to “gather together and mourn.”

When someone dies on the Reserve in Ucluelet, the Natives say that they “sit” with the family in mourning. This can encompass making meals, cleaning house, sharing memories, or just sitting so that the family is not alone. I love this concept.

So I am going to sit. To Mourn. I apologize for the irregular blogging lately but real life has a way of sneaking in.

To Becky with Love


I’ve been knitting for a friend who has suffered a great loss recently. I’ve knitted a hat with earflaps. To my astonishment, the more I knit, and thought and leaned consciously toward my friend in Inverness, Scotland, the more the toque ressembled the colours of Scotland.

The yarn is spun in Japan. It is 60% wool, 40% recycled silk. It changed colour from muted heather, to trailing stone walls, to the deep green of broom and the blue of the lochs.

How is it that you can send love in the form of something soft, time spent, love endowed and just hope that it is received with the same intention it was sent.

Thinking of you Becky, through this time of grief and healing.


Death, Taxes n’ Earthworms


Ben Franklin said that the only things certain in life were death and taxes. But to add my own quote to his, death doesn’t come once a year!

Today my life contained insurance, taxes and earthworm splats on the asphalt on the walk to work. Sounds like a pretty shady day. That’s what I thought. So I wrote a poem.

Earthworms pour
out on the concrete
In the path of traffic.
Squashed pink stains
Robins come to nibble
Beaks on the asphalt
Next splat is feathers.
A brown tabby trots by,
sees the carcass
and says,
“I’d never eat that!”

Hope your day was filled with growing and learning and a little chocolate. Because I know my days are always better with those things.


Good thing tomorrow starts over…

A Quick Quote

We are a generation which is crying loudly to tear down all structure in order to find freedom, and discovering, when order is demolished, that instead of freedom we have death.

-Madeleine L’Engle “A Circle of Quiet”