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Friends as Sweet as Sombreros


I had the privelege of going to a wedding this weekend, in Terrace BC.


So if you look East of Prince Rupert, North of Kitimat, this is where I found myself this weekend. It definitely takes two days to drive there for Vancouver so thankfully, I flew.

My friends were there at the airport to greet me with the future groom wearing a sombrero, the best man in an oversized cowboy hat and sunglasses, the sister of the best man wearing a foam puck hat, a groomsman in snowman ear muffs and the groom’s sister with a huge foam finger waving ecstatically. It was one of the best airport greetings I’ve had in my life. Then we climbed into a very old motorhome, Dan still adorned in his sombrero, touring the town, honking at anyone who glanced our way. Yeah I love my friends.


I couldn’t believe how gorgeous Terrace was. As you can see by this picture, the lake behind, the snow-capped mountains. It is gorgeous up there. It was light until 11:30pm which reminded me of Inverness. The North is absolutely stunning. Oh yeah, and the wedding was pretty too.


I love how weddings bring friends together that haven’t seen each other in a long time. I love the gathering around a couple as they get married to bear witness to their commitment. And I mean, free food, need I say more?

As Dan and Kristin said their vows, I was blown away by the line “To have and to hold from this day forward.” What a heavy commitment. Pledging your life to another person in “sickness and in health.” It reminded me of watching Rich hold Patricia has she became sicker and sicker as cancer consumed her body. It reminded me of cleaning up results of a stomach flu Marc had. It reminded me of my commitment made only a couple short years ago. It reminded me of the joys and sadnesses that life holds and you have no idea which will outweigh the other when you pledge your life to bind with theirs.

Often I scoff at old traditions because I find it frustrating that people just follow through on the motions of a tradition without stopping to hold it’s meaning out in front. Why do we do this? But weddings, really, I was blown away. It is a beautiful, dangerous thing. As I said, I was honoured to bear witness to the courage of these two people, embarking on life together.


Don’t they look brave? Don’t they look happy?

Oh yeah, and I danced myself into a reputation of “free-style hippy chick” with my crazy moves. I’m paying for it today as I hobble around the house. Dancing for hours in barefeet tends to embed the texture of the stones into your feet. *sigh* Totally worth it!

Next wedding is my brothers in a few short weeks. I think I’ll cry my eyes out… water-proof mascara here I come.


Take those Blue Suede shoes off that Hound Dog!


Elvis Presley was born January 8th, 1935 and died when my mom was 17 years old. But I love his music. I realize his influence as an international rock n’ roll icon and all that fame and glory surrounding The King, but what I know is that his songs cheer me up. They make me swing my arms, shake my hips, jiggle and wiggle and move to the music!

There are so many things about Elvis that fascinate me; the fame surrounding him, twisting him into what he became; his musical influences, the black gospel, the blues, pop culture; society’s reaction to him. I suppose that it astonishes me that some people make it to the limelight but most just fade away.

Elvis does not have lyrics that inspire the mind. Jailhouse Rock is about dancing in prison, Hound dog about a shady character who whines and lies. Treat me Nice is about just that. There’s nothing awe-inspiring in these themes. They do not compell me to write and explore the deeper meaning. But man, are they fun to wiggle to! The bass line, the tune, that Elvis way of singing, it gets me grinning every time!

What music gets you grinning?