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Chore Chart


My mom started chores with us pretty early. We earned a tiny allowance that grew as our responsibilities grew. And it taught us important skills like how to clean a bathroom, do laundry and cook a meal.

Gabrielle is taking an interest in the chores I do around the house. So while it’s still fun, I thought I would take advantage of the enthusiasm.

She has been fighting me on getting dressed in the morning and I needed another tool to utilize as motivation. Also, she is developing some behaviours (such as moving at the speed of an intoxicated turtle) that I would like to nip in the bud. A few days in and she’s doing really well.

Please excuse that my “Brush Teeth” picture looks like I’m encouraging my child to smoke a pipe…

Home again: A Typical Day


Gabrielle started out her first day home waking up in her very own bed with her flannel kitty pajamas on. She was happy to find her sunglasses and pretend to be Ray Charles or Billy Joel. Yeah, she doesn’t know who those guys are. But it’s a nice thought.


We arrived back to rain and she was so excited about that. She slipped on her boots “All by Brie’s self” and carted her stroller up to the road to find good puddles to Stomp!


As with two year olds, the stroller was quickly abandoned.


This is her puddle stop. This is, to Brie, where the frogs live, where the turtles might swim, if they were in the area. And where the calf gets stuck in the mud. (Otis the Tractor book.) And this is where she runs and jumps and splashes in the deepest puddles she can find.



Then I was splashing ahead of her and heard this little sound, turned around to find her face first in the puddle.


Puddle in her mouth. Puddle in her hair. Puddle soaking down to her underwear. It was time to go home for a bath. I carried her stroller in one arm and Brie under my other arm, puddle-side out. And giggled a bit as we walked home.


Bubble bath with lots of bubbles, and hot chocolate from Daddy (who puts more chocolate in than mommy) and it was a pretty good day.


The sun came out the next day and we rushed down to the beach.


It’s not so bad being home.