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The Last Wedding of May

I had the great honour of standing up with my sister-in-law on her wedding day this weekend. Marc’s sister has been talkign about her wedding day basically since I met her. And I’m not sure I met her until after I was already engaged to her brother. So, really, quite a long time. But the day came to fruition. And now she is hitched! Congrats Danielle! We love you muchly!






It was a beautiful and cold day in May. And between the laughing, the lounging, the flowers, the hair-dos, the I-do’s, we had a great time seeing the beginning of two souls knitting themselves together.

Now that the family weddings are done for the summer, it’s time to get serious about the tomatoes, the bees, the peas and the blueberries.

A garden update is coming shortly.

(Yes, I called you Shortly….)

A Dinner Date

We are fortunate enough in our society to have the opportunity to prepare dinner every night. Yes, it is a blessing. Food doesn’t have to be a chore. But then it’s the “drag” of deciding every night what to eat, someone has to prepare it, and it can become a ho-hum event. Marc and I don’t like ho-hum events as a general rule.

At the very beginning of our marriage, we laid down certain suggestions to keep our marriage present, growing, immediate. One of my biggest fears was being taken for granted. Though I fall short of this much more often than he does. So we wanted to keep our marriage fresh so we remembered to be present with each other. We decided that we would always try to eat dinner together, sans distractions. No tv, no movies, no reading, we were to simply chew together. Sometimes this space that we allowed ourselves led to wonderful conversation. Sometimes we simply chewed. But we were together, creating a space.

Last night we decided to create more of a space. We decided on a dinner date away from our usual table. To the boat!





And for dessert, I tried roasting marshmallows!


One thing I love about Marc is his irony. There he is, perfecting his bed of coals for roasting the sausages and he turns to me and says, “Manda, I really think cooking over an open fire is the way of the future.”

We had such a chuckle.

What little things do you do to keep yourself present for tasks that would otherwise seem mundane? And, food over an open fire is Amaaaazing!

Happy B-Earth-day!

It is my birthday today and I am 28. I woke up a little bit early because the birds were chirping, the sun was streaming in and the cats were sleeping in the chives. And I thought, it is my birthday and I have to work. I’m going to make sure I enjoy my day. After all, happiness is my choice right?

So I put on a rosy pink dress, put pearls in my ears, braided my hair fancy, put on eye-shadow. Yes it’s Pender so eye-shadow is hugely dressed up. (Funny thing is that because I rarely wear eye-shadow, I’ve rubbed a lot of it off already. *sigh*)

And then I made myself a small cup of coffee with a dollop of whipped cream and I treated myself to an oat-raspberry-chocolate chip muffin!

Marc gave me the ultimate surprise though. He managed to find a very good deal on a high quality Canon Camera. I’ve been leaning towards exploring photography as a new hobby. You, dear reader, have already been subject to a couple of experimental shots, and you will be subject now to more, I promise!

-In saying this, I fully realize that this post and the previous do not have any photos, for that I apologize profusely. I have been writing these on the sly, not at my home computer, so I do not have access to my plethora of pictures.-

So picture instead in your mind, me at my computer — with a cold that I picked up recently and am trying adamantly to ignore– in my pink dress, pearl earrings, enjoying the elusive sun outside the office, choosing to cheerfully munch my raspberry muffin and typing insurance policies – and writing sly blog posts.

Please enjoy Earth Day, this day my birthday, as much as possible!

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

It is my illustrious husband’s birthday today. He is turning 28 on the 27th. Which means that last year was his golden year. I guess I’ll have to remember to ask him how his golden year last year was. I think it was a pretty good year in the fact that he got to learn how to earn the title Mister Mountain Man Supreme.

This morning, though I had to toddle off to work by 9, I woke up super early (like farm early…) and prepared a feast for him. Pancakes (referred to as “man-cakes” around these parts) whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and blackberries picked in the heat of August. My friend Dan told me of a fancy hotel he stayed in for his honeymoon where they actually brought a French Press of coffee to his table. He said it was oober classy. So I decided to add the classy back to our life. Yes, that’s right. We actually sat down at the table for a meal. (Usually we eat on our laps in the living room, fending off curious kittens.) and we brought the French Press of Pot of Gold coffee to the table and even ate with a knife and fork!


 It was a lot of meal before 8am!


 Another birthday to celebrate, though technically yesterday, was my friend Shawn’s first child’s first birthday ever. Brynna Isobelle was born yesterday in the evening. Just in time to fill out these newly-knitted booties which were posted today.


After grieving the passing of a friend, it is nice to celebrate some birth for a change. Congratulations Shawn and Emma! And Happy Birthday my love!

Do you have any special birthday memories that you care to share?

120KM/H Winds from the Southeast.


We had a hurricane blow through our neck of the woods early last week. It ravaged our forests, littered our roads with trees and their branches, and picked up our greenhouse like a kite and flew it for a bit before dropping it like a child discarding a toy.

If this devastation had happened a different week, a different time, another time when the devastation of personal loss of life wasn’t so bright in my mind, I would have mourned the loss of this structure more than I did. We had hoped to grow cucumbers, peppers, eggplants and tomatoes in our free greenhouse.

But it is just a thing. A convenient thing. But a thing, not a person, not a creature. We can build another.


Marc has had a chance to be Mister Mountain Man Supreme with all the tree damage.


This road goes to the back of the blueberry field and usually you can drive a truck up through here. I mean, it is never has smooth as a black tarmac road in a suburb but it doesn’t usually require four-wheel drive.


So many trees weren’t simply broken and suspended in the forest above. So many were uprooted and tipped over like Jenga blocks. Marc had his work cut out for him (no pun intended) but he took to it like a man of the woods.



He is excited to report that he can cook bannock using solely the wood stove now. I think he was meant to be a minimalist. When he comes in for lunch his face has a rosy glow, under a sheen of perspiration. He is a little smelly, a little gritty and ever-so happy.

The stinging nettles are starting to poke their green heads up so he pureed some for a soup the other day. How do I describe the satisfaction of seeing my husband trot out the door, kittens at his ankles, snipping herbs for dinner from our own garden. And he has the great responsibility of chicken-sitting the neighbour’s Osterlofs. (A black chicken with a pearly green iridescent back.) These lady-hens are named after Shakespeare’s women, Juliet, Ophelia, Portia, Cordelia etc. They lost their triumphant rooster Romeo to an eagle just last week and they’ve been mourning their hero ever since his valiant fall.

Speaking of valiant fall, I have fallen ill with a cold that seems to produce leaking from every facial orifice. So I have contented myself to stay at home, under gigantic blue duvets, wrapped in polar fleece, sweating out the virus. Best to keep your visiting to me strictly virtual at this point.

Wishing you a beautiful January weekend.