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Hawaii or Bust

We are fresh back from Hawaii. And you’d think we’d be tanned or a least a bit rosy but we used this all natural hippy sunscreen which must have lime stone or clay in it. It created such an effective cement wall against any sun damage that we don’t even have a lick of sun-kissed skin to show for our adventures. So we’ve been making up for it by wearing flowers in our hair.

I was nervous traveling with wee Gabrielle. She’s nearly 16 months and has a self-appointed naptime and would she be ok sleeping in a bed that wasn’t hers? How would the airplane be for her?

Well it turns out she was made for world travel. Next stop: THE WORLD! She was a complete champ and we had no problems! (except when we doused her in sunscreen which became known as sunSCREAM)

It was a great trip. My highlights were:

-Gabrielle on the moving sidewalks in the airport looking utterly delighted.
-The 15 person pile up when Gabrielle couldn’t figure out how to disembark from the moving sidewalks. Like a tourist accordian. Fantastic.
-The look on Gabrielle’s face when she realized we were airborn. She pointed to the sky and signed BIRD BIRD BIRD. Completely thrilled and thrilling.
-Seeing friends, some I hadn’t seen in a couple years, and singing along to their newly-purchased ukulele.
-Teaching Gabrielle what a volcano says, “POOOOWWWWFF”
-Wearing sun-dresses and bikinis every day. Man it’s cold at home!
-Watching Roslyn walk down the aisle, at her brother’s arm, to the man she loves
-Laughing as Roslyn and Pete, newly married, climbed palm trees like little monkeys.
-Dancing the Hukilau with people I love.

When I say Yes!

I love saying Yes. Yes I’ll go. Yes I want that! Yes I can!

In all of my saying Yes, I say No to different things, different people, different places. Being a Yes person still means that you are a No person too.

The past year, I spent it saying Yes to my daughter. Yes Gabrielle, I will wake up with you 10 times in a night to feed you. Yes Gabrielle, I will change your 5 minute old diaper. Yes Gabrielle I will hold your hand so you can walk around and around in circles.

All of my saying Yes to Gabrielle has accumulated into saying No to other things, and other people. Like Marc.

Marc and I are having our sixth wedding anniversary on Saturday. That means, six years ago, I said a very big YES to my man. Yes I will be with you in sickness and in health. Yes I will stick by you. Yes I will love you. We never say vows to our kids, probably because we don’t have to. It’s more automatic for me, as Gabrielle’s mom, to say Yes to her.

Yes, you can sleep in our bed even though you kick your daddy and he doesn’t sleep well. Yes you can have most of my attention all day every day and then in the night too.

As great men do, Marc has been very gracious with the backseat he’s been “Yes-ed” into. It is a temporary place and I am happy to say that as Gabrielle becomes more independent, this is changing.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to live gently. To accomplish this, I think I will have to say No to some people more often, Yes to myself more often, and especially Yes to Marc, the steadfast love of my life.

Happy Anniversary Senor!

Below are my favourite photos of my favourite man (and of his favourite baby) in the past year.

Poopy Pants

Still In Love

These are my parents.

They remind me to stay in love.

After 30 years, they are a very good example.

So I do.

I’ve never made a better choice.

Babe, loving you more every day.

Some people said to me, when I was planning on getting married that they don’t believe in marriage. I understand this, with so many couples separating. I get it. But my grandparents have been together more than 60 years, and my parents are planning the same legacy. I’ve seen that sometimes, with some people, it works. With lots of hard work.

Though some days, it’s easy.



Thinking of my Man


These days, my man and I are living on different islands. We’re both very practical and we understand that it is temporary, but it is regrettable nonetheless. It’s got me thinking about our unique romance.

Marc asked me out on the premise that we would be leaving for Europe in 3 months. Once in Europe, Marc waited a little more than a month and while we were in Scotland, in the Ness Islands, he got down on one knee and proposed. Then promptly took me out for Italian food. For the five months we were engaged, we travelled Europe, while emailing my mom to see how the wedding plans were going. Yes, did I mention my mom planned our wedding with very little input from us. It was definitely our preferred way of wedding planning. I wasn’t the little girl who imagined every detail of my wedding. I was the little girl who played house with the couple already married, with pets and children.

We arrived back from Europe on December 11th, we had two weeks until Christmas, then a week till New Years then a week and we got married. I stepped into my wedding dress that a dear friend sewed for me and then we fit it to my tiny body. The wedding wasn’t the event for me, it was the marriage. I was so excited to be married, to commit myself to my best friend. I was so excited that this was the beginning of the rest of my life.

The wedding itself was a great party though. I got to dance to all my favourite songs with my favourite people. I don’t remember the food at all, I didn’t eat even a nibble of my own cake. But I danced and danced and danced.

And our wedding party. Well that’s another story entirely but really, we are so blessed with really good friends.

So dear hubby of mine, even though we are far apart, I’m thinking of you and so glad that we had that special day that marked the rest of our lives.

Forts and Fumbling with Bees


I have been absent from the blog-o-sphere and I apologize. Marc has the computer on Salt Spring and I stayed on Pender recently to catch up on my tiny island rhythms. Yes, I could blog at the library but have you ever tried to blog while people clack away beside you on other computers and your neighbours peek over your shoulder as they pass behind you “looking for a book.” Plus I have to use one foot to constantly rock Gabrielle in her car seat so she doesn’t break the silence at the library.

So what have we been up to? Visiting, baking cookies, giggling, napping, dressing in dresses as the weather finally changes. I wish I could say picking flowers. Perhaps this coming week.

And we have been beekeeping!

Through the Winter, I usually miss the bees so much. But this Winter I was a little preoccupied. Ya know, what with moving onto a boat, pregnancy, birth, Christmas, heart surgeries, hernia surgeries. I didn’t have much time to think about those precious little insects. Though I remember one vivid moment sitting in ICU, watching my little girl breathe, with snow falling outside, wondering how those bees of mine were doing.

Unfortunately many of them were not doing well. If you haven’t been able to tell by now with all my complaining, it was a long and cold Winter. Spring has found me with 5 solid hives. I believe this is out of 20. It’s not great numbers but considering what I had to deal with as I closed up the hives last Autumn, I’m not completely disheartened. It also means that I’ll be able to really pay attention to the ones I have left. Because folks, I got a busy Summer coming up with a heart surgery slotted in there somewhere.

Which hives survived? Katja, Lucinda, Matilda, Clotilde and Daisy. In my losses, sadly, was Gertrudabelle who provided me with more than 80 lbs of honey last year. And the community garden bees, Cleopatra. Though they left behind probably 40 lbs of honey which I hope to redistribute to the surviving hives. Some places, where once was a bustling bee colony, only empty boxes remain and I watch as the pear trees and maple trees come into bloom.

I think I lost many of the bees from the cold, and a couple were in really windy places. A few hives succumbed to mites by the look of them. And a couple to starvation. The ones who died of hunger are the most frustrating because, as their beekeeper, they are the ones most preventable in my opinion.

This is Gabrielle bundled up and ready for whatever Family Day throws at her.

Today, we woke up to bright sunshine and a breeze. Which means a great day for Sailing. But our sail boat (the functional one) was sitting alone on Salt Spring. So we decided to go out into the woods and build a fort. Really, when was the last time you trucked out into the woods to build a fort? Not since I was maybe twelve I think! It was great fun. Even Gabrielle thought so.

We even had time to cook a snack.

Hope you have had a good week. And wishing you the best in the next one.