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Feast your eyes

Here are some photos of the inside of the boat for your viewing pleasure.

This is the galley where our fantastic meal of spaghetti came from tonight. I love cozy dinners.

This is the captain’s bed and since Mewes is residing here, she assumes she is captain. We haven’t sent her a memo yet to let her know…. she may be mistaken…

This is the first room you see when you come down from the cockpit. I’m really pleased that the boat doesn’t have any steep stairs since I’ll be ascending and descending in quite an imbalanced pregnant state.

This is our V-Berth. The very bow of the boat. It was once a bed and it was in renos of being turned into bunkbeds. We’re still tossing around what we want to do with this space.

This is the dinette which is across from the galley.

As you can see better, the dinette and the galley with my precious diesel heater that will make the winters oh so toasty.

Mewes is posing for the photo and we all know it. Or she is waiting for a chance to sneak into the cockpit and scare the seagulls.

My life-source the diesel heater. Marc got it working again after some fiddling, and then it broke. And now it works again. Does this begin my love/hate relationship with this heater?

In my galley, cooking, cleaning and sorting out where I want everything. It’s the best part of moving in my opinion.

Soup break!

So we’re still in between the guest cabin and the boat. Yes we have the heater working which is a huge blessing. But we have put an order in for batteries and we are waiting on a price for that. Our toilet is an electric flush instead of a pump flush, which means instead of pumping your potty contents into the ocean or holding tank, you press a button. It’s all well and good until the batteries do not hold a charge and you’re not on a dock with power. So we cannot flush our toilet. I am 29 1/2 weeks pregnant and I have to pee approximately every hour. This makes the boat not a very livable option for me right now. So I visit, after work, and on weekends. My visitation rights are limited by the unflushable toilet.

We’re working on it and hopefully soon it’ll be more livable for me. Though until then we’re really enjoying the privilege of the guest cabin and the freedom to come and go. Now if I could just find my bottle of Tums for my pregnancy heartburn, I’d be set!

I’ve been reading this great blog called Rebel heart and they have a 7 week old baby on their boat and they have a great article on how to raise a baby on a boat. Call us crazy, but we’re not the first!

In fact, as the housing market has gotten so expensive, and renting become such a frustrating option (paying someone else’s mortgage) living on a boat is becoming more and more common. Think of it this way, we own our own house with very little debt. Any improvements we make to the boat are for us, they improve our home without trapping us into some kind of 40 year mortgage. They allow us the freedom of choice. Choice of a job, choice of a lifestyle. And to fit our nomadic needs, we can move our home and go anywhere in the world- on the water.

Living on a boat is not the be-all-end-all.There are definitely pros and cons, but this option seemed to make a lot of sense to us right now, where we are. We’re happy with our choice and though we are impatient for all the big things to be ironed out, we are excited about our new lifestyle.

I like change but I freely admit, I’m looking forward to life slowing down a little so I can take time to nest and get my life ready for the up and coming baby.

Baby, adventure is ahead of you. Yes, I’ll take your kicking to mean you as excited as we are…