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A Baby Party

On the weekend we got to celebrate the anticipation of a new baby. My dearest best friend is due in August and she’s moving away from Pender in a few weeks. So we celebrate and we say “See ya soon, visit often.”

The community on Pender Island shines when it comes to food. The cupcakes (above) were made with love by Rowie who picked these flowers from her garden to garnish her cupcakes. Goodies galore overflowed from my table and the baby gifts were mostly handmade and thoughtfully chosen items from local vendors. Ya know, Pender-style!

(Theresa’s trying out her new Felted rattle and admiring some hand-knit goodies)

This blanket I was particularly excited about. Each lady from our knitting group knit a strip of this blanket and the talented Laura sewed it all together to make it a beautiful and cozy baby blanket for our dear friend.

Now, Theresa is a fixture at knit night that will be sadly missed. The funny thing about Theresa is that she has only ever knit one thing at knit night. No, let’s go back a bit farther for this little side-story.

There were groups on Pender that Theresa and I wanted to break into. We tried joining groups but we seemed to kill them. (Yes, it was us, we killed the garden group.) So we were really excited when we heard there was going to be a knitting group started with younger folks who liked to knit. It wasn’t so much that Theresa liked to knit, but she loved groups and she loved the food that groups tended to have. Theresa did her best to make knit night not so much about knitting but more about the food and the people. She invited people who didn’t knit. She “forgot” her knitting and even once forgot ONE of her knitting needles. But the other attendees were committed to knitting so that knit night remained about the fibre arts.

So Theresa succumbed. By this, I mean, she went to the Nu-to-u thrift store, purchased the largest ball of wool she could find and faithfully brought her needles and her teal fluffy humongous ball of wool. She began knitting a scarf. See, she learned to knit in elementary school (a hippy school, what can I say?) and a scarf- well she could handle that and still talk and most importantly: eat!

After a couple years of knit night, the scarf could keep the group of us warm. It is now so long that it is no longer useful as a scarf. Maybe it could be a table runner for a family of 18!

The weirdest part is that the huge ball of fluffy teal wool is not any smaller… Magic I tell ya!

Suffice to say, We will miss Theresa and her teal scarf knitting among a whole trailing list (longer than the scarf)  of other things.

Gabrielle showed up for the tail end of the party and cashed in on some goodies and a nifty hat.

I modeled a baby hat too. It was a great party.

Morning Muffins & The Knitted Navy

The day started like this. And then, before you know it, (before 7am that is!) There was this…

Perfect muffins because I had the perfect assistant in her perfect tutu.

Then I found a very neat project which I sailed right through.

I think my next one may be a two-masted schooner. Or perhaps a pirate ship. Oh I’m so excited about this! Gabrielle doesn’t even know that the Knitted Navy is headed her way!

Lists and Plans, This and That

Lately we’ve been making lists and sitting by the wood stove. The crocuses are dusting off their white little heads and our thoughts are turning to Spring. After all, it’s halfway through February.

On the lists are plans to haul Nesika out for a bottom-painting, perhaps install a new head as the other one is leaking a bit and stinking up the boat. We’ve also been considering installing a wood stove to extend our sailing season. Right now she has no heat whatsoever and it makes nights very very chilly. Other boat plans are to fix our dinghy seat. The fibre-glass actually broke away on the back seat, making my ride quite wet. We have another dinghy but it’s quite waterlogged (and came with the boat) and weighs nearly 300 lbs. That makes moving it quite a challenge for my burly husband and really, I’m no help when it comes to heavy things. When something outweighs me three times, I usually just run away.

And then there’s the bees. Oh the bees. I haven’t cracked open my hives since the end of October, what with heart surgery and all. I’ve started emailing people regarding buying more bees but I haven’t found anywhere that is convenient yet with a time-table that would be helpful. A lot of beekeepers won’t have their packages ready until June sometime and around here, that’s halfway through the season. Also, I find it just gutting to pour more money into the bees when the return has been so slim. Selling honey at $10 a jar seems atrociously expensive to me, yet it doesn’t even put a dent in my expenses to keep the bees healthy and well-fed. It is decidedly the most expensive hobby I’ve ever pursued. Honestly I had high hopes of it becoming more than just a hobby, but even though there is a demand for the product, the bees with their new parasites and diseases are so fickle and keeping them alive (that’s just alive, not necessarily producing copious amounts of honey) seems to be a full-time job. If we were rich, I would be happy to invest all our extra earnings into such a satisfying pursuit.

So I’ve turned to other hobbies, that are more conducive to wintering and hibernating right now. Knitting. I’ve picked up wool at the Nu-to-U and an expensive wool store in town and have turned my needles to hats lately. Hats and more hats. It’s lovely to feel the fibre between my fingers. And our little knit nights are so inspiring. There is a wonderful group of ladies who meet once a week to drink tea, eat cookies and oh yeah, knit!

Gabrielle is beginning to try to shape words. She’s quite interested in poking everyone in the eye, and poking her own eye, and saying “aaahhh” so intentionally. We can’t believe how much she is eating these days. And most of the food she’s preferred is distinctly Orange. So much so, that her fingers and mouth are getting this fake tan-O look to them. Luckily orange is a pretty easy colour to satisfy. Purple food, now that would be trickier.

Marc is in an unemployed stint again as we wait for work to start up at a farm down the road. We’ve been taking advantage of this by hiking together in the rain, making lists, and talking about meaningful things like “5-year-plans.” *shudder*

We’ve been fighting the February blues (because February is the worst of months, don’t ya know) by having friends for dinner, puddle-stomping, baking cookies and attending play groups. Man, there’s a lot of babies on Pender right now. It is fabulous.

My camera’s been on the fritz lately so the photos have been slow coming. Hope you enjoy the ones I’ve included below.

Loose Ends

Yeah so, I’m a funny knitter. I am not a details person. It’s probably why I fail at sewing. So. Hard. So when I knit, I knit with the same half-hazard attempts. I don’t check the gauge. I don’t knit with the right size needles or the right size yarn. I follow the pattern pretty close. Then when something doesn’t make sense, instead of trusting the pattern, I make it up. I change it to what I think it should say. Then I blame the pattern when it doesn’t work out. So I’m a bit of a silly knitter.

I also don’t buy the right wool for projects. This vest is knit with ball ends from the local thrift store. I hoped to make it for a friend’s new baby boy, but it is so small it doesn’t even fit Gabrielle at a whoppin’ 12 lbs 10 oz.

This vest is quite easy, considering my terrible knitting habits. It’s also great because you don’t have to put it over a baby’s head. The pattern is here if you’re interested. For a vest made of loose ends, it turned out pretty good even if small.

Have you made anything fun lately?


Knitting again…

Uh oh, Mom’s knitting again. This time it’s for Gabrielle. And shall we call this the Acorn hat, the Yukon Cornelius hat, or perhaps she’s a Mongolian herdsman. Regardless, she learned very quickly how to pull it off.

So, we distract her with a pacifier for the picture.

A perfect hat model!