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In the Gardening Groove

It’s a Sunny Sunday! I’m just bursting to go out and “DO Stuff!”

Yesterday, with the help of my lovely friend Theresa, we transplanted my tomatoes from seedling trays to pots and put them in the green house at Clam Bay. We also transplanted her pots which were exploding. Her bean plant spirals to the heavens, seriously…

But I forgot my camera. Sorry folks!

We also went to see a movie last night called “The Dirt on Farmer John.”


It was a memoir of sorts of Farmer John’s life, his unusual style and his creativity when it came to keeping his small family farm in business. Apparently this movie is quite hard to get paws on, but it’s for rent at the little corner store on Pender if you really want to see it!

Oh, but I gotta run! We’re spreading dirt on our new garden area today. Earth, not Dirt! We’ve already been corrected by other farmers. Spreading Earth! Sounds like we’re really creating something, eh?!

Wishing you a very sunny Sunday!



Spring has sprung!

Just a quick note to show off my seedlings.



This is my quinoa! It’s multi-hued and very colourful and quick to germinate.



And my garlic sprouts. The deer seem to despise this. Don’t tell them that they are very tasty sauteed in butter, not to mention the benefits for the immune system.

So excited!!!

Whether the Weather be Fine


There’s a little tongue twister from when I was a kid that I think of when people talk about the weather.

Whether the weather be fine

Whether the weather be not

Whether the weather be fair

Whether the weather be not

Whether the weather whatever

The weather, whether we like it or not.

I must be honest, conversation regarding weather bored me to no end. It’s the epitome of small talk or meaningless conversation. Now, don’t review every conversation we’ve ever had and wonder if I was rolling my eyes. My mother taught me better manners than that. But I just didn’t understand why people get sad when it’s rainy and happy when it’s sunny.


…Until moving to Pender.

I’ve been out of touch with the world around me. As soon as I began obsessing about beekeeping, I watched the weather like a hawk. Above 10C means we can play with bees. Too much wind means no play-time. I watch the temperatures, perched on the edge of my seat. When it snows, I get a chill, thinking about the bees outside. Poor bees!



This Spring I’ve been more aware of the weather than ever before. I’m waiting to get my seedlings in, to get my garden soil, to grow, to till, to plant so that I may harvest! Pender dear Pender, you have opened my eyes to the weather around me. Whether it be whatever it be, whether we like it or not.


Guerilla Gardening


Ever heard of Guerilla Gardening? I hadn’t either until I typed in a random search and found, as always, that wikipedia had my answers. Guerilla Gardening is often an act of political protest from environmentalists but it’s strict definition is gardening on someone else’s land. Though this gardening is not strictly for political gain, it does include gardening as an entirely political gesture rather, than one with genuine horticultural ambition.


In 1996, 500 activists in occupied 13 acres in South London owned by Guinness for 5 1/2 months. They squatted and gardened, grew their own food, in protest to the mismanagement of land and the urban suburbs in London.

Copenhagen, Denmark was also struck by Guerilla gardening when 1000 people turned an empty plot of land into a garden in one night.

This Guerilla Gardening movement has spread all through South Africa, Australia and England. I think it’s fascinating and encouraging that people care so much about the land.


Capitalism advanced technology and motivated us to develop and build houses, buy things, have more. But isn’t it missing the point? Isn’t the point Community? Love? Learning and Inner Growth? I know this has a 60′s-hippy-ring to it. Why can’t we all live in communes and just LOVE each other?!

Or am I just longing for Eden again?

“The Earth is a Common Treasury for All”- Digger Gerrard Winstaley.


Creator Vs. Consumer

I often feel discouraged at our consumer lifestyle. Ok, on Pender I realize that I’m more removed from “consumerism” than most. I do not have a shopping mall, I do not have a sushi nook. I do not even have a shoe store. But still, I consume. I buy, I eat, I use, I wear out my clothes. I find this discouraging.

I would rather be a creator. I would rather grow things, make things, spin up the imagination and let er’ fly.

I bought “A Circle of Quiet” by Madeleine L’Engle at the TC book sale last month. I’ve been reading bits of it slowly. At the beginning she’s talking about teaching a class of teachers to teach children to be creative. (I know, triplicate use of the word “teach”) She says that one must remove “self” from conscious and then the imagination can flow. When you are conscious of self (self-conscious) then you have no freedom to create, to move, to dance, to sing. I love this thought. I’ve grabbed onto it with both hands.

Marc and I were in the grocery store getting food, (consuming) and he was dancing in the produce aisle. I ruined the moment by pointing out his glee. He became a little embarrassed. I pointed out his “self” to him and as if in a mirror, he turned away. I felt sad immediately after I’d done it. Then of course, he was defiant and wiggled away, dancing to music in his head. I did no permanent damage.

To spin the imagination up, and to create. This is a goal of mine. Before you all get carried away, I did not say Pro-Create. I said Create!

Behold, my creation!


These are spinach and scarlet tomato heirloom seedlings. I’m so proud!


These ones are onion and roma tomatoes. These tomatoes will be good for dehydrating, thus producing sun-dried tomatoes. They are a favourite on our pizzas.

Also, my garlic is coming up and making a real show of it. If you don’t tell the deer, I won’t either!


Create Create Create! I’m trying…