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My Wild Child and Her Garden

Yeah so this happened…


And instead of stopping her, I began to take pictures. I truly thought that the paint (since it was children’s paint for Pete’s sake!) would be washable.

Her belly button is still a bit green.

IMG_1050 IMG_1086 IMG_1101

Oh yeah, and then I let her run around our yard on the grass, nekkid, with paint all over her body like a wild child. I have fantastic pictures but alas! They are all nudies. Not for public consumption.


I post about the garden on here so I can comfort myself next year when the garden doesn’t seem to be growing fast enough. I post to keep a record of what we grew and how we grow things. Even though we randomly put notes in a notebook, we can’t ever find it from year to year. So the blog serves as our garden journal. Anything more organized just wouldn’t be “Pender” enough.

We have scapes now from the garlic. Those curly Doctor Seuss scapes!IMG_1113


We have nasturtiums, compliments entirely of Gabrielle who wanted eating flowers. We have chard and cilantro and kale. There have been a couple barely ripe tomatoes that Gabrielle gobbled up before we could even check their ripeness. Basically, they weren’t green!


Our friend, Wade, has pigs again so that necessitated a farm visit.

IMG_1131 IMG_1164 IMG_1181 IMG_1186

The picture of the onions on the floor are actually from last year’s garden. So last year, we planted 300 onions. We lost a bunch of the white onions to rot. These yellow onions are still doing well, aside from a little sprouting, and as tasty as ever. ! I think the onions and the beans are the only thing we really did not have to buy for the whole year because of our garden. Our passive unorganized hippy goal is to be self-sufficient in as many vegetables as possible. Our potatoes lasted until Christmas. We still have tomato sauce and dried tomatoes but we did buy fresh tomatoes throughout the year. We had enough parsnips to last us the year but really, how many parsnips can you eat?

IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1220 IMG_1221 IMG_1236 IMG_1245

We’ve had family visiting the last couple days and we have more exciting Canada Day parties planned!

And soon I will give full report on Gabrielle’s doctor’s visit last week.

Happy Summering!

As we sink into June


As we sink into the summer, our garden begins to really take shape. Our house extends to include the deck and the yard. We spend more time with less clothes. We shake out our muscles and let the tension go. And we sink into the sun!


IMG_0856 IMG_0862 IMG_0867

Rhubarb syrup in carbonated water. It is amazing. And fresh granola bars made with the rhubarb pulp from making the syrup. It was a perfect combination.

IMG_0871 IMG_0877

There has been some baby knitting for summer babies that are coming and have begun to come and that we are immediately waiting for. Please pause a minute with me and send these ladies such wonderful warm thoughts as they begin this adventure of motherhood, or they multiply their blessings with more babies! Watching these women and their courage and strength, it expands me somehow. And yet, it moves me closer to my centre.

IMG_0881 IMG_0890 IMG_0894 IMG_0896 IMG_0903 IMG_0908 IMG_0909 IMG_0911 IMG_0912 IMG_0913

I mowed the lawn. And I left a patch for the bees, bumbles and honeybees alike. I just couldn’t bear to mow down such yummy food for them. So now I still have a long patch in my yard…. Silly bees. Or just silly me.


Oh this little one right here. She has my heart so completely. As we sink into summer, she sinks into being firmly three and a half. And I consider myself blessed beyond belief.

Meddling with the Bees and other Summer Pursuits

So I tried to meddle. But I can explain.

I tried to split my hive into two hives to prevent swarming. Sounds clever right? Even straightforward?

Maybe I’m just out of practise. I haven’t split a hive in a while. So I had 4 boxes in the beehive. And I checked them and made sure the boxes had eggs in it so that they could raise their own queen. Then I literally took the top two boxes and moved them over to their own bottom board. And left the bottom two boxes where they sat. I covered the top boxes’ entrance with grass so the bees would re-orientate themselves and voila! Two hives!

But it was not so. No. The top boxes actually housed the queen. The bottom boxes, queenless, didn’t raise a new queen. Thus after waiting the 28 days to see eggs from a new Queen, I piled all the boxes back together, with newspaper in between. The newspaper in between the separated hives allows the bees time to chew through the newspaper and become reacquainted with each other’s smells again so there is not a big bee war.

IMG_0625 IMG_0627 IMG_0630

All that to say, now I have one massive hive. Which is doing really well, by the way. And it is sure to produce lots of honey. But again, I am outsmarted by the bees!


IMG_0635 IMG_0636 IMG_0640

After keeping bees now for 7 years, my confidence levels has grown in some aspects, but still, I don’t have all the answers. Perhaps farming of any kind is a humbling experience, because we can’t control the weather, the conditions or the creatures we are trying to manage. And what a blessing that is! If I had to find flowers for 70,000 bees, we would be in great peril!

IMG_0645 IMG_0647 IMG_0650 IMG_0657 IMG_0663

Marc took this fantastic picture of Ramona. We joked and said the next time she goes missing again, this can be on her “lost” poster. Oh Ramona.

IMG_0678 IMG_0687 IMG_0693 IMG_0706 IMG_0716 IMG_0731 IMG_0743

We’ve also been outside, gardening, bubbling, doning hippy wear, and doing what people do when living on the gulf islands. Ya know, the usual…

Happy June Everyone!

April in Summary


In my head, I have been blogging. Even my camera has been blogging as it snaps pictures of our daily lives. But I just wrote the final piece to my Childbirth Educator certification. I’m working at a midwife clinic doing their office admin. I have a full load of doula clients. I am beekeeping. And I’m raising my three year old. The blog got crammed in a back cobwebby corner (let’s not talk about the corners in my house right now!) and finally I’m giving it a brief dust off. So here goes the April dump!


Between babies, I did get an Easter Feast but I did not get to paint eggs with Gabrielle. Gramma is splendid and filled in for me. When I got home, these beauties were waiting for me at the kitchen table. Way to go G & G!



I got her a couple toys because I knew Gramma was doing a chocolate easter hunt. I hypothesized that the toys would be more long-lasting. But I was wrong. A couple of the chocolate eggs were eaten immediately, but the next few days consisted of Gabrielle re-hiding the eggs so that her dolls could find them. She even set up an Easter egg hunt for herself just because she loved the whole process so much. And the toys got a total of oh, maybe 15 minutes.


Then came the Laundry Soap project.

We have been making our own laundry soap now for a couple years. My recipe is very simple. 1 cup of borax, 1 cup of washing soda, 1 grated bar of Ivory soap, a few drops of lavender and repeat until the containers are full. Gabrielle’s job has progressed from peeling the paper off the bars of soap to grating the soap. She gets through maybe 1/3 of the bar before she’s kinda done for a bit. Then she comes back to it. Not to brag, but seriously, her work ethic and attention span astounds me. It’s all that Farmer Influence right?



Age Three has been mostly very delightful. Partly because I refuse to fight the small stuff. Like getting dressed before going to the beach. It hasn’t all been wonderful by any means, but as a whole, it’s much better than two.




Gabrielle got new purple butterfly wings. We found them at a consignment store in town. When she remembers them, she loves them. (I’m realizing as I write this that I should have gotten her the wings for Easter!) One night after having barbecue burgers on the deck, Gabrielle had her wings on and she was talking about how when there is a big wind, she will go outside and then she will fly for real! She immediately reasoned that she would have to have a helmet on, of course.


The evening ended predictably.

With her attempting to fly. For Real.



And me helping.

I mean, how do you tell your child that you cannot fly? With purple butterfly wings? And a helmet of course.

You don’t!

You just try to make that dream come true. And laugh while trying.


The garden is coming along. We transplanted our onions and leeks from the greenhouse to the soil now. They are spaced fairly close together but it worked well last year. We are still eating our onions we grew last year. They are in a well-ventilated cooler. They stored much better than our potatoes, which we packed in sawdust. The potatoes have sprouted and are pushing through their cardboard box, begging to be planted. Not yet, potatoes! Not yet!


Last year the garden felt like Marc’s job. He ripped out the blackberry bushes and roto-tilled the beds. I did some weeding but it felt like minimal work compared to the colossal job he undertook. This year it feels much more even. I’m turning over the beds when he works. And when I work, he is amending the soil too. Now the garden feels like a family project. Gabrielle helps me water (and drinks from the hose- hippy points.) and she cheers on the onions and peas and garlic. She knows where everything is and she’s very excited about the tomatoes. Speaking of which, our tomato plants, while safely in the greenhouse, are flowering! Yay tomatoes! (as I try to block the overflowing counter from last year.)


There is more I’m excited to share with you. Some knitted toys, and some beekeeping. I’ll squeeze out some more time soon. Spring, with all it’s abundance, is certainly keeping us running this time of year.

Happy April, Friends.

Her Work

**First Off: I want to say: Welcome Home to my friends who faced a great ordeal and now are safe and recovering. I’m so so happy that they are with friends and family. Many many other people have said it more eloquently than I could, so I’m happy to let them wax away on their behalf. But just because I do not say so much about the whole thing, my heart is nevertheless bursting for them.**

I feel like I have not spent much time on Pender lately. My course I’m finishing up to teach prenatal classes took me to Vancouver last week. I got to stay with beautiful friends and see bits of my family. But I am just not a big city girl and I was happy to return home, even if it was only briefly.

The time I have been home has seemed even sweeter. My daughter looks and smells sweeter to me. My husband, well, that is not for the blog’s ears nor eyes. The grass is vibrant green. So much so that it almost hurts to look at it because the neurons in my eyes are firing so hard…. or something. The trees are popping with blossoms and finally the garden is starting to look like a garden again instead of a giant mud hole.


Gabrielle took a watering can to water our currant bush with it’s fuchsia flowers and I couldn’t figure out why it was taking her so long to get there. Then I realized she was watering every single dandelion and daisy along the way. By the time she got to the currant bush, there was barely a drop of water left in her watering can.




Oh yeah, so Gabrielle’s work. She takes it very seriously. She puts the groceries away in the fridge because it is her “work.” She checks the traps in the garden for slugs every day, because it’s her “work.” Above is her filling her bucket with cedar sawdust for the garden paths because it’s her “work.”


This work of hers is serious business. Other three year olds may believe that they play all day, but not her. Most of her life, she tells me, is working. No wonder she is exhausted by 7pm. (Me too…)





We have this driveway near our house that is quite steep. The rain flows down it and forms puddles at the bottom. Often in the winter, the puddles are quite significant and they have become a landmark. Like, “Lets walk to the puddles and look for that frog.” The Puddles have been a landmark for Gabrielle since she was a year and a half. And among a couple of my mom friends too. We would often take our kids there when there was a lot of rain so they could splash in the puddles and we would stand on the road watching them and visiting. (The road is very quiet.)

Marc even informed me one day, that a 4 litre milk jug of water fills up a puddle if you needed to artificially make some fun.

The funny part about The Puddles, is that we have never seen a car go up the driveway. And we have played there almost daily for a year and a half. Then the house went up for sale. They re-did the driveway with these huge stones. For a while, the puddles were filled in.



The girls figured out how to dig out the puddles and they were taking the big rocks laid down for the driveway and rolling them in the mud to make “chocolate rocks.” Then a man came walking along the road and walked up the driveway!

He was probably wondering why these children were playing at his driveway. He asked us politely to put the “chocolate rocks” back when we were done.



We dutifully replaced all the rocks and we tried to repair the damage the girls had done to The Puddles driveway. We scuffled home and stuck them in the bath to wash off their mud and our embarrassment.

In the evenings, we’ve been going down to Welcome Bay. (Also a landmark, the beach near our house.)


We’ve brought dinner down there and made an evening picnic out of it. It’s terrific to spend time together as a family, because it has seemed so rare lately. And this weather has been phenomenal. It reminds me that it’s only a few months of terrible weather and the rest of the year really is quite spectacular.





I have a dozen pictures of her just like this, but she’s talking in them all so I had to decide which one was the talking expression I wanted. I’m sure her story was quite enlightening.


Alright, I’ll admit it. We’ve just been picnic-ing everywhere.