Tinklin’ the Ivories with Beethoven


Lately I’ve found myself crawling back up to the keys, with an apology for abandoning them so long. And re-introducing myself to Beethoven.

Now when you think Beethoven, do you think crazy hair?


Or do you think of the 1980′s kid’s movie?


I hear Beethoven and I think music. Moody, deep, pounding, or a crooked little tune, or haunting and crying. Beethoven is probably my favourite composer.

How can someone born in 1770 still stir my soul?

I wanted to learn how to play the piano so that I could learn Fur Elise. It was a grade 5 Royal Conservatory song, which means that, starting from zero, I had a lot of grades to go. But as soon as my teacher gave me the music, I learned it. It is one of the few songs I still have memorized. When you lean toward something for so long, it still seems precious when you move your fingers along the familiar song.

My next big Beethoven was Moonlight Sonata. I loved that song. I had the music, but it was hard. Patiently I plucked over each note, strung them together like Christmas lights and slowly the melody emerged. I love this song. Especially on rainy days with the wood stove going. It is most appropriate for me on a drippy gray morning, played slow.

I am now leaning my sights to Sonata Pathetique. I have the music and I am bent on learning it.

Ask me in a few months how I’m doing. What goals have you set for yourself lately?

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3 Thoughts on “Tinklin’ the Ivories with Beethoven

  1. Sonata Pathetique is very nice. Are you going to learn all three movements?

  2. Did you learn all three movements? I was thinking First and Second for sure. The third doesn’t sound as interesting to me. Or perhaps, just not as familiar.

  3. I took Royal Conservatory music until I was 17 years old, and managed to get to an 8th grade level. I never had a passion for classical music though, and very happily quit with a regret.

    Fur Elise was one of my favorite pieces to play though. It just has such a nice feel to it. It sort of rolls… My other favorite piano piece, back in the day, was Wind Beneath my Wings. LOL I can still play bits and pieces of it, but have forgotten most of it.

    We have a keyboard in our home for the first time since I quit playing 16 years ago, so I picked up some gospel sheet music recently, but still haven’t gotten the initiative to sit down and try playing again. I’m much more interested in singing, and there’s a local musician/singer (Tina Jones from the kid’s group “The Kerplunks”) who I’m going to take singing lessons from. Her and her singing partner, Dinah D, sing a sort of bluesy/jazz style that I’ve always aspired to, but didn’t have the direction I needed. My dad is a very talented musician, so we have talked a little about doing some gigs sometime when I feel ready… Exciting times! :)

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