Snapshots: The End of Summer

IMG_20150819_185648~2I have this special place. A place that is this oasis from real life, though it was my real life for a while.

When I was 18 years old, I moved out of home and a friend brought me to this house and said that if I was ever in trouble, this is where I could come. This house was filled with music and warmth. It was a place that I could be welcome no matter what. Here, I could rest. And be loved.

IMG_20150819_185645Now I come back to this home and the feeling is the same. The smell of the house is the same. And some of the people have changed but they have only added to the beautiful house. And now I get to share this with my kid.  IMG_20150819_141413

There isn’t much better than going to a place you love, and having the people you love, pour their attention onto your child. They are not obligated to give her attention. They do not have to play with her, or entertain her, but they do it because they too, love her. And it fills my heart right up to the top. IMG_20150818_193422


Another cool thing happened on this trip. We got to visit the boat we lived on for 14 months. Gabrielle didn’t remember the boat. I got to tell her where we hung her jolly jumper, and where she slept, where we changed her diapers. I told her where I had to sit when I was pregnant with her because I couldn’t fit anywhere else. And where the cat always slept.IMG_20150818_184212 IMG_20150818_182511

And she got to fish off the bow of the boat, just like I imagined she would when we were living on it.

Soon we returned home to enjoy the last couple weeks of summer because the Autumn busyness comes. It’s all good things, but definitely different things.

Please enjoy the last few snapshots of our summer. IMG_20150815_165601 IMG_20150815_131630~2 IMG_20150814_065958 IMG_20150813_152432 IMG_20150812_121332~2

From our tiny home to yours, happy end of Summer days.

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2 Thoughts on “Snapshots: The End of Summer

  1. Danielle on 1 September, 2015 at 9:15 pm said:

    So happy we got to spend a few days of summer with you. Looks like you had a great visit in Tofino!

  2. Everyone should have a special place like that. It does sound magical. And so cool that Brie got to visit the boat! Yay! Did you get misty-eyed? I tear up about all kinds of things now.

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