July since 2009


I have been blogging since 2009. Life has changed a wee bit in 6 years. But also, not really.

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This is the first year we ever had a garden. A few tomatoes and a mammoth cabbage that we had no clue what to do with. (We’ve actually refrained from growing cabbage two years in a row because we get so many with not enough consumption.)


Then in 2010, I was pregnant and still gardening. 2010 was the first year we harvested honey. It was quite the harvest.honeyfromlucinda uncappinghoney2 ramona2

It was the year before the blog was inundated with pictures of my child, so the cat still got a starring shot every now and then.

Then in September of 2010, we moved onto a boat. And stopped gardening for a year. I don’t remember missing it, but I was very busy caring for a new baby. And living on a boat is incredibly time consuming. Everything takes longer. I posted recently about living slower, but then I realized I don’t have to spend time pumping out the grey water tank, or boiling water to wash dishes. Bathing doesn’t have to be planned because it takes up a good chunk of the day. Slower living is definitely boat living. Below are pictures for July 2011.

brie IMG_7353 IMG_7561 IMG_7426 IMG_7373

Then in November 2011, we moved back onto land and slowly began reclaiming a garden from 8 foot high blackberry bushes.

img_1653Above is 2012. And the little one grew and grew.

img_1474 img_1682I had started my Doula work, so everything for Brie was babies.

ontoabirthsmallThis picture is of me, after a birth. I’ve been awake for 50 hours in this picture. I remember the birth well.

wpid-IMG_20130717_155454 wpid-IMG_20130717_154427

Then July 2013, Brie is growing! And after a lot of hard work, my body is back to it’s original size. This is the year I recognize our life again. Our activities are similar to what we are doing today, and I am wearing all the same clothes.


IMG_1512And now we are almost caught up.

IMG_1428 IMG_1771

Gabrielle looks familiar to me in these pictures. The garden, again in July, dominates most of our home activities. We are processing something most of the time. And usually our life is mostly outside.


Above is 2014. 5 years later, we are still showing off our tomatoes.

I am so grateful for this space. There have been times when I’ve thought, “Why do I do this blog?” But I’m glad for the record of writing it. I’m glad to see the pictures, read the stories. And I’m incredibly thankful for the worlds that it has connected me to.

For whatever part of the journey you have joined us, thank you to you too.

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2 Thoughts on “July since 2009

  1. Christy on 24 July, 2015 at 4:04 am said:

    Awh, happy five years! I remember I started reading your blog way back before either of us had kids. What a different life it was then!! You are one of the very few blogs that I read that is still around from back then. Most people sadly have closed up theirs. I “miss” them. How neat it has been following your journey through life!

  2. Has it really been that long?! I remember when your beautiful new baby Brie showed up on your blog… I don’t always leave comments, but I always read. Big hugs to the family… one of these days we’re going to have to meet in person… one gulf islander to another… :)

    I’ve considered taking up blogging more regularly again (I used to have a blog called Organique Gal… don’t know if you remember it…) but I never seem to remember to do so on my new blog. Maybe this will be the year I really dig into writing again…


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