Jam all the fruits!


I really really wanted to u-pick strawberries this year. But there are no u-picks for strawberries on Pender Island, which meant I had to get to Victoria with my child, and allot enough time to pick. The only time this happened, happened to be the very last day u-pick strawberries were open. The berries were wizened and sparce but we went, dang it! And we got enough to make the strawberry jam I’d been craving.IMG_8576

But when it came to u-pick raspberries, I didn’t have the same staunch determination. I bought a flat of berries from a local farm and was done with it.IMG_8578 IMG_8581

My car smelled amazing on the ferry ride home.IMG_8586

I may be a hippy in many things, but with this batch of jam, I used regular pectin and lots of sugar. IMG_8588

In a day, I made raspberry, strawberry and blueberry jam. It was like a jam factory at my house and it smelled delicious. On the way home from picking the strawberries, we stopped at a grocery store to pick up pectin and more canning jars, an elderly lady behind us in the line asked me if I was actually going to make jam. She lamented that none of her grandchildren were interested in jam-making and the “old ways of doing things.” She was amazed that young people were still doing this. I told her that I thought all the “young” jam-makers I knew live on Pender Island.

She said she was 92 and her husband was 101. And I wondered quietly how much knowledge we were losing about the “old ways.” And then on the heels of that thought, I wondered how the heck I got here! Why was I making jam with my kid on a tiny island instead of buying it from the store? What attracts me to the old ways of doing things?


By the way, the jam turned out wonderfully.


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5 Thoughts on “Jam all the fruits!

  1. Melanie on 7 July, 2015 at 10:27 am said:

    Duh! Because this way you’ll be prepared when the apocalypse comes. And I know whose door I’ll be knocking on. ;)

  2. Jenn on 7 July, 2015 at 11:54 pm said:

    We have already picked 40 lbs of strawberries for our freezer so we can enjoy smoothies this winter. We are picking more strawberries this weekend as I too am craving jam. I haven’t made any in years! Hurray to making things from scratch, my hippie friend!

  3. My neighbour sells his raspberries for 49 cents/lb. Next year you should come visit me and we can have a raspberry jam making party. Why in the world is there no u-pick strawberry farm on Pender…they are the easiest and most delicious crop to grow. I might just have to move back and become a Pender Island strawberry farmer. Now that would be the life!

  4. Well, you’re an old soul, and a self-sufficient one at that. It makes sense.

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