Bug Crazy!


Maybe I started it. Maybe I am the one to blame.

Gabrielle has been capturing bugs and keeping them in containers for a few months now. Imagine my horror when the earwigs were still alive after 3 weeks of kind captivity, only to find out that they can live for 3-5 years!

But I mean, they say that kids learn by example. And I do keep approximately 70,000-100,000 bugs in a box. Outside.

Anyway Brie’s fascination with bugs didn’t stop with keeping them herself. She heard about the Bug Zoo and it was all over.


We had to wait until the opportune moment. We had to wait until we had a day where there was something else we had to go into town for, that she wouldn’t want to do. I know! Vaccinations!


The Bug Zoo became a bargaining chip and it worked well.

My mom also came to visit recently and she overcame any hesitation and suited up with me to go into the beehive.


The funny thing about taking a picture of people with bee suits on, it really could be of anyone.

Happy June-ing!

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One Thought on “Bug Crazy!

  1. Sandi on 27 June, 2015 at 11:37 am said:

    I’m thinking about keeping bees at my place. What do you think if Nannie-bird goes bug crazy too? Fun photos!

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