a frog and a birthday


Pender Island and the rest of the Southwest coast of Vancouver Island has dissolved decidedly into Spring. But even more than that, it has taken a surprisingly dry and warm route that is unlikely for May. We are prancing around in short shorts (Marc especially) and tutus (Ramona especially) and catching frogs and sniffing flowers (Gabrielle especially.)IMG_7718 IMG_7704

Our garden is finally all planted. We have a healthy supply of onions and garlic, two things are grow well. It’s important to stick with what we are good at. The tomatoes are coming along, a little less lusciously than usual but we will have a harvest nonetheless. The beans are in the ground, germinating I trust. And the carrots. Ah the carrots. They are a particular act of faith.

We stick carrot seeds in the ground and they are so small, you can barely see them. So then I find myself doubting that I even remembered to plant them. And then I water this patch of black soil faithfully and religiously for something ridiculous like 20 days before I even see a tiny green frond of anything! Then slowly they come, and their first leaves are so fine that I blink over and over to clear my eyes and make sure I’m seeing what I’m seeing. It’s like someone teased me with green sprinkles on my soil and somehow they take their sweet time and grow into beautiful sweet tasty carrots. It’s a miracle. Truly.


And birthdays. They are their own miracle. Hannah was the first baby that I was invited to participate in her birth. And now she is four! My sweet niece. It was with a bursting heart that we drove up island to be with her and eat cake and celebrate who she is!

IMG_7734 IMG_7744 IMG_7719 IMG_7708


IMG_7752 IMG_7760

Watching our family expand and watching my child play with her cousins. Oh it just fills my heart right up.

Just as the spring weather, with sunshine and garden fills me up, so do the people who I get to play with under this bright sun.

Happy May!

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  1. Sandi on 4 June, 2015 at 9:27 pm said:

    Lovely photos and beautiful writing! Thank you for the glimpse.

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