Haven’t been Pendering for a while…

We have been off adventuring lately.

I took May off-call and we have been taking advantage of the time but running away from our tiny island, running to some friends who we often don’t get to see because they are really much too far away for a quick run. So we flew instead.


We are really lucky that Gabrielle is a seasoned traveller. She is already on her second passport at the formidable age of 4. And she is really good at it. If we remember to bring snacks.

And yes, she is wearing hot pink hippy dreads in her hair…

Can’t take the Pender out of the child…

IMG_7666 IMG_7670 IMG_7677 IMG_7685 IMG_20150512_154635

Marcus and Holly have lived in Edmonton for several years now and it is not exactly a place we get to visiting very often. It was so much fun to see them and their kids in their “natural habitat.” Marcus and Marc have been friends for just about 20 years and they are the kind of friends that we called each other when we got engaged, or got pregnant, or just bought a house (them, not us.) They are the kind of friends where we know their extended families and there is much that goes unspoken. They are even the kind of friends that after our children have enormous screaming tantrums, we pour wine/beer/whiskey and laugh over how monstrous parenting can be at times.

They are the kind of friends that we are happy to have our whole life.

IMG_20150514_134436 IMG_20150514_193214 IMG_20150515_191747 IMG_20150518_161528 IMG_20150519_073944 IMG_20150519_075001 IMG_20150519_094832

I also got to visit with friends of mine who moved away from Pender. Wee Paisley was one of Gabrielle’s very first friends. They were instantly glued together at one and a half. And even though Paisley moved away when they were just around 2 years old, Paisley still is insistently invited to every birthday party or every other major event in Gabrielle’s life. Whether she comes or not. Paisley is legend. And well, I feel the same way about her mom.

IMG_20150513_140259 IMG_20150513_163001 IMG_20150513_163330

Hearken back to these days:


This picture is in the days where Gabrielle and Paisley were just about two years old and Brynna, a surly three.

Anyway, Edmonton offered us rare opportunities we do not usually find on Pender. Like, I had a chance to sport my Winter coat in Edmonton in May, because I didn’t get a chance to model my winter wears on Pender this year. Yeah, it was too mild.

Gabrielle felt bad for the bare little trees, so she did what any good Penderling would do.



She talked about knitting them sweaters and hugged and kissed them until she thought they would feel warmer. Such a hippy.

All too soon, it was time to thaw out and go home.



After arriving home, we were soon at the beach in our shorts again, and sniffing the sweet ocean air. But we were so glad to visit such sweet friends and grateful for their immense generousity.


Thanks friends! Miss you already!


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3 Thoughts on “Haven’t been Pendering for a while…

  1. Danielle Whitmore on 25 May, 2015 at 9:01 pm said:

    So amazing to have life long friends, or also known as family I got to choose. Glad you had a great visit and can happily get back to enjoying Pender Island beaches and sunny days.

  2. I love your hippy child. She looks so long and lean! And that picture she drew is precious. Also, I think ‘Pendering’ is such a lovely word. I feel like I would read it in a Lewis Carroll novel.

  3. Jenn on 26 May, 2015 at 6:06 am said:

    So nice to see you! I think paisley and Brie are continuing their journey of being lifelong friends!

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