Starting again

Every year I employ faith. I gather my faith up as I hold a tiny seed in the palm of my hand and drop it gently into fresh black soil. Will this tiny spec actually grow into a plant and that plant will grow food I can eat?
It seems like a miracle.

But every year it does.





So here we are again, dropping seeds in pots of dirt, hoping and wishing them to turn into food.

Like magic.

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Living a simple quiet life on the Gulf Islands, BC.

3 Thoughts on “Starting again

  1. It totally is magic, and I lack the wand. Poor Zach was even like, “Mom are we even going to bother trying this year.” Yes, we will always try, just a little. Send some garden pixie dust our way!

  2. Danielle on 16 March, 2015 at 7:32 am said:

    So happy to have such knowledgeable gardeners in the family. Also very happy to help with the consumption of said miracles any time ;) Happy growing little plants

  3. Dude. You have a green house?

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