Masaya Volcano

You don’t have to take a bus to Masaya!!

We took the bus to Masaya, thinking we could catch another bus that said “Volcano” on the front but if you catch a bus from Granada to Managua and tell the driver you want to get off at the Masaya Volcano, you will have much better luck. And it will only take you about an hour instead of two hours. It will cost you around C$10. (Cordobas)

You pay at the gate upon entering the park. And you can walk or hire a taxi to get to the top. The taxi was C$100. (About $4 USD) and for us it was worth it because then we had more time to explore the volcano itself. (Because we had spent so much time on the busses just trying to get there.) The walk isn’t difficult though. It’s all on the road and it isn’t very steep. Half way up the volcano, there is an information centre. And it is a fantastic one.

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Masaya Volcano reminded me of the hole where they try to throw Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker in the third Star Wars. Yeah it’s steaming a bit more but it drops off the side of the mountain into oblivion. Into, what I imagine to be, the bowels of the earth.

IMG_5524 IMG_5526 IMG_5536 IMG_5537 IMG_5540 IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5563

It was a beautiful hike. Very windy. We walked around and explored for a couple hours and then we got a ride back down the volcano. It was beautiful and totally worth the explore. The sulfuric gasses are something to be cautious about as there is no one regulating how long you stay by the edge of the volcano. There are some paths they encourage you not to explore past 4pm. And at the information centre, you have to give your information on a sheet so they know how many people ascended the volcano. The little pamphlet they give you say that you should be issued helmets but we received nothing of the sort. And as Marc pointed out, we don’t know what good helmets would do for you if the volcano decided to erupt.

This thought is much happier sitting down at the bottom of the volcano again.

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