How to get to the Butterfly Reserve (Reserva Mariposa) outside Granada

It is very difficult to get clear instructions on how to get places in Granada. Hopefully this will help some poor traveler trying to find the Butterfly Reserve.

From wherever you start from, walk or taxi to the cemetery. Below is a map from the plaza to the cemetery to make things more straightforward.

cemetery granada

Follow the blue butterfly pictures on the power poles. The reason it is hard to direct people to a specific place is that most of the roads don’t have names. The road on the way to the butterfly reserve has no name on any map I could find.

butterfly reserve

From the Cemetery to the Butterfly reserve it is 3.7 kilometers. If you walk down the dirt road, there are tuktuks you can take from the cemetery. But the walk is beautiful and as we were walking, I took photos of this beautiful rooster tied to a stone, and we were invited into these people’s house. They were cutting bundles of wood for people’s stoves. They had hens with flocks of chicks and several roosters tied to separate stones, far enough apart that they could not peck each other.

When Cindy tried to take the taxi right to the Butterfly reserve, the taxi driver didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. The taxi drivers stopped at several of their friends’ houses asking if they knew where the butterfly reserve was. No one knew. Finally they went to the cemetery and asked one of the tuktuk drivers. The tuktuk driver said that the taxi wouldn’t make it on the dirt road and he took Cindy and her gang from the cemetery to the butterfly reserve. She beat us there as we were walking.

The butterfly reserve cost $5 per adult. $3 for kids under 12 years of age. And they didn’t charge us for Naia or Gabrielle. They have a netted area where you can see several kinds of butterflies. They have a chrysalis area where you may see a butterfly emerging, wet wings and all. Then if you go out of the netted area, there are beautiful trails to walk. On the trails we discovered what was making the howling wookie noise through the trees. A cow! And we saw a few beehives. And we ran into some boys who were climbing high in the trees picking oranges.

IMG_5328 IMG_5329 IMG_5332 IMG_5338 IMG_5359 IMG_5361 IMG_5416 IMG_5422 IMG_5448 IMG_5451 IMG_5462 IMG_5478 IMG_5484

After all the exploring, we weren’t as keen to walk back. So the staff at the butterfly reserve (who also live there,) called a tuktuk for us. And we did what we previously perceived to be impossible. We squashed 8 people into a tiny tuktuk.

I will upload a movie of us all in the tuktuk when I get home.

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