Brie’s Birthday and her Bonsais


Brie turned 4.

She asked for a bonsai tree, a pinata and a stuffed Doozer from Fraggle Rock. I think my child might be a tad eccentric… should we blame it on the parents?


She had a specific guest list with specific food items requested. The guests were mostly adults but some children. The food included hummus and veg, edamame beans, pie, black forest cake and cupcakes! When I was ordering her cake (yeah, I’m not making a black forest cake!) the lady on the phone and I were having trouble communicating. My first language was not Chinese and hers was not English. It was a struggle which I was relaying to Marc. Then when we picked up the cake, Gabrielle checked the spelling and said very loudly and much to my dismay, “Mom, she even spelled my name right even though you weren’t sure she would!”

Oh my goodness. Embarrassed.


Turns out, Gabrielle enjoyed her party very much. But she asked that next year we invite even less people. My wee introvert.


But thanks to Friends and Family, she got her bonsai tree, her doozer guy, and her pinata!


So Gabrielle and her bonsai trees. It’s become a thing. She has three of them now. She religiously waters them, mists them, kisses them, sings to them. She has named them Spikey, Mommy bonsai and baby bonsai. She is excited to take them to the bonsai doctor for a soil change and a pruning. And as a result of these well-cared for little trees, she has been gifted other plants as well. A mexican hat plant and an aloe vera plant. She also has an air plant that she mists daily, and then soaks weekly for an hour in a pot. (Just like the internet and her daddy told her to.) This flare for botany has guests asking to see her plants when they come visit her. She proudly shows them her collection on the window sill. Soon, we will have a Japanese garden!

IMG_3896 IMG_3892

On her actual birthday, she asked to have a quiet day. (Surprise surprise!) She floated things down her ditch.


She opened some presents from friends away.

IMG_3903 IMG_3922

She dug up some worms for her worm farm.

IMG_3959 IMG_3945

And did some of her self-appointed chores.


At the end of the day, she happily snuggled into her bed and asked me, “Mommy, am I really 4 now? For real? Or were we just pretending?”

No darling, you are four for real.

Happy Birthday Nut.



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3 Thoughts on “Brie’s Birthday and her Bonsais

  1. Danielle on 12 December, 2014 at 10:47 pm said:

    I’m am so proud to be that little girls Aunty and so sorry I couldn’t be there in person this year. You were all on my mind all day and i will try with every fiber of my being to not miss next year. I can’t wait to see her bonsai garden in person. I love you Brie-nut and my life is better because you are in it.

  2. A joy to read and share in her for-real 4th birthday! How we adore you, wee Brie! Happy 4!

  3. Christy on 13 December, 2014 at 5:24 pm said:

    Oh my gosh I love seeing how her personality shaped her birthday celebrations! What an amazing child! Happy birthday!

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