Bringing home the Bacon…among other things

We pulled our onions and hung them to dry. So now when we venture out to the deck, it smells like onions. All.the.time. This is not a problem if you are eating pizza or just hanging laundry. But when you’re eating blueberries, it’s a bit strange. Not complaining. Just saying.

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Gabrielle helped me sort the seed cupboard the other day. We had a bunch of loose seeds at the bottom. She took the handful and chucked it into the garden box on the deck. Now we have marigolds, radishes, beans, kale, peas all conglomerating together. There is no segregation here. We accept seeds of all varieties.

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You’ll have to indulge me for including the photo above. I always try to get a picture of new baby toes when I’m attending a birth, but I never take pictures of my own child’s growing toes. This is that.


Gabrielle and I took a day trip over to Galiano island. We met my mom there and one of her friends, but because of the way the ferries worked out, Gabrielle and I were there much earlier than them. So we found ourselves a little forest to go for a hike. There were big signs that warned us of the trail. It was steep! You had to be an experienced mountain climber to attempt the trail, the signs warned.

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My three and a half year old made it up to the top without being carried. So is this me bragging or perhaps the trail wasn’t as treacherous as advertised?

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We explored a couple beaches too and ate lots of ice cream on Galiano. Beautiful island but whenever I go to the other populated Gulf Islands, it reminds me of a parallel universe. Here are people all kinda doing what we are doing. They live funky organic hippy lifestyles. So I recognize it. But I don’t recognize it at the same time. None of the streets are familiar. The locals think I’m a tourist. They are all the same “kinds” of people but they aren’t my people. An alternate universe. That’s what Galiano felt like. Somewhere else that could have been home. But it wasn’t.

My friend Wade, the pig farmer, got another batch of pigs. This time he got piglets with curly tails. Often the tails have been lopped off. Armed with my zoomy lens, I got to capture the piglets in all their muddy, snouty glory. Man they are cute! And soon they will be big and taste like bacon!

IMG_2066 IMG_2085 IMG_2094

These pigs have so much room to run. They have camaraderie with their litter mates, they are not terrorized all day. They lead happy little lives. I wish farming was always this way.

As Summer is already half way over and we have started planting our Winter garden, I’m going to squeeze as much as I can out of August and then be able to settle comfortably into our knitted sweaters and hot cups of tea when Autumn descends.

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2 Thoughts on “Bringing home the Bacon…among other things

  1. The whole area where you live seems so dreamy.

  2. I need to hire Gabrielle to be my landscaper/gardener. The girl has a way with seeds!

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