Meddling with the Bees and other Summer Pursuits

So I tried to meddle. But I can explain.

I tried to split my hive into two hives to prevent swarming. Sounds clever right? Even straightforward?

Maybe I’m just out of practise. I haven’t split a hive in a while. So I had 4 boxes in the beehive. And I checked them and made sure the boxes had eggs in it so that they could raise their own queen. Then I literally took the top two boxes and moved them over to their own bottom board. And left the bottom two boxes where they sat. I covered the top boxes’ entrance with grass so the bees would re-orientate themselves and voila! Two hives!

But it was not so. No. The top boxes actually housed the queen. The bottom boxes, queenless, didn’t raise a new queen. Thus after waiting the 28 days to see eggs from a new Queen, I piled all the boxes back together, with newspaper in between. The newspaper in between the separated hives allows the bees time to chew through the newspaper and become reacquainted with each other’s smells again so there is not a big bee war.

IMG_0625 IMG_0627 IMG_0630

All that to say, now I have one massive hive. Which is doing really well, by the way. And it is sure to produce lots of honey. But again, I am outsmarted by the bees!


IMG_0635 IMG_0636 IMG_0640

After keeping bees now for 7 years, my confidence levels has grown in some aspects, but still, I don’t have all the answers. Perhaps farming of any kind is a humbling experience, because we can’t control the weather, the conditions or the creatures we are trying to manage. And what a blessing that is! If I had to find flowers for 70,000 bees, we would be in great peril!

IMG_0645 IMG_0647 IMG_0650 IMG_0657 IMG_0663

Marc took this fantastic picture of Ramona. We joked and said the next time she goes missing again, this can be on her “lost” poster. Oh Ramona.

IMG_0678 IMG_0687 IMG_0693 IMG_0706 IMG_0716 IMG_0731 IMG_0743

We’ve also been outside, gardening, bubbling, doning hippy wear, and doing what people do when living on the gulf islands. Ya know, the usual…

Happy June Everyone!

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8 Thoughts on “Meddling with the Bees and other Summer Pursuits

  1. Danielle on 4 June, 2014 at 8:14 am said:

    Tricky bees. Can’t wait to try their delicious gulf island honey! Beautiful family photos and bee shots. Ramona kitty looks quite content with herself and oh so beautiful as well. Thanks for the glimpse into your world. Lots of love to you all.

  2. You are so gorgeous and so fierce, you beekeeper, you.

    I can’t believe how big Gabrielle is getting. She is a perfect blend of you both.

  3. I love Ramona. Also, for a moment after seeing the photo with Marc out of focus, I thought you were going to heed my suggestion of never showing his face… but alas there he is in the next photo. Not-as-mysterious Marc shall be his new nickname.

  4. Love love love to see you goofing with the bees. <3 Brie looks like such a big girl, where did that wee babe go? Oh and after her misadventure it always makes me happy to see Ramona. :)

    • I’m not super familiar with that area , but it looks to me like the clsseot location listed on the chart is Farmington, with a date of May 1. If you tend to have similar weather to Farmington, I would use that date. You’re right on the edge of the two groups. If it is a mild winter/spring and you are excited, I would follow the yellow schedule. If it is a cold winter-spring and you are more relaxed, I would use the green schedule.

  5. I love love love you girls! Also, you so suit the hippy look. ;) I gotta figure out how to make my life look as charming as yours. ;)

    • goodnight to him, I heard goodnight Mom in rrtuen. It was a sound as sweet to my ears as the water running through your river. I stopped and took it in vowing to myself never to forget that sound and those words, vowing to play it over and over again in my head. A simple goodnight Mom in a voice that’s going through changes, figuratively and literally, touched me.

  6. ^^agree I think I need to move to an island as well! Too darn happy and charming!!

    I love how Gabrielle is your mini me; fashion sense included. ;)

    Nick had a hive swarm last week into a pear tree and then they left the box he put them in so he had to repeat the next day. Good idea of yours to try to prevent that headache. Too bad they didn’t go for it.

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