Farm Day


If you didn’t know, Marc is a farmer. It’s official. It came on our tax return documents. I only giggled a little.

The farm he farms is not our own which is quite fortunate because then he actually gets paid while he farms. (It is rare, trust me.)

The fun thing about this career is that he gets to plant things, prune things, grow things, and run a tractor. This week they got a new tractor on the farm so in between planting our seedlings in the greenhouse, he got to show Brie the new tractor.

In this photo below, Gabrielle’s disgusted look is because Marc is showing her a snail he found. She picked up and then put it gently down on a rock saying she didn’t like it because it felt a bit slimy.





Spring is coming slowly to Pender. It was frosty this morning but the daffodils are budding and the snow drops are nearly done. Yes, while the rest of Canada is buried in snow, we are getting flowers. There’s nothing quite like the gulf islands.



Gabrielle’s a funny kid. Sometimes she’s into all things that move like busses, taxis, tractors. But with the gator, she said it was too noisy and she chose to walk instead of ride.


She also took a while to warm up to the idea of going inside the big tractor. She said she was a little bit worried because it was so big. Once inside, it was a challenge to make her leave.





She wanted to know what all the buttons and handles did. Marc got her out of the tractor to explain the trailer hitch and what gears moved what levers.


Gabrielle listened closely but who knows how much she understood.



She was happy to head home for hot chocolate and already talking about going back to ride in the tractor again.


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Living a simple quiet life on the Gulf Islands, BC.

12 Thoughts on “Farm Day

  1. Glad to see he’s riding in John Deere – my son’s fave. ;)

    • My fav is the black and white of the kids with the blanket one. Such guinnee smiles. I love it! And Brent, I had to go back and look to find the bald spot.

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  2. She looks like a natural up in the tractor, and that scarf she has on is gorgeous!

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  3. Snow drops and sunshine and that beautiful wee girl of yours- perfection!

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