Lately, these have been my activities:


-Preparing an asparagus bed, (they take 3 years to be edible, best get started now)

-Planting strawberries

-Visiting farms/gardens to haggle where the bee hives go that are coming in June.

-Reading “A Circle of Quiet” and today, finishing it.

-Writing a story for a children’s competition that is now too long to be entered.

-Walking to and from work

-Unearthing someone else’s old garden


-Wearing skirts (the last two days)

But as my husband and I were just discussing, listing the activities of someone’s day without accrediting emotions is really doing no justice to one’s activities. Something taken out of context is not the real picture. I have been thinking that I should learn more about soil PH levels, I should know what to look for in my sprouting asparagus or zucchini, I should be researching what grows where or when. But instead, I am doing the learning through osmosis. Through ontology. (That date with Dictionary is paying off.)

Instead, I celebrate as my black bean braves the wide world and sprouts on my window sill, leaves still pucked behind their bean-shell. I am astonished at my bees because their pollen sacs on their legs, like little luggage sets, are stuffed with bright yellow pollen to the hive, even though I’ve given them a whole patty of pollen at their disposal. I do not only smile, I grin inadvertantly at the glow of the pink flowers on the Japanese Cherry trees popping up in my neighbourhood. The splash of Pink! (Pink is such an incredible word) It makes me feel cheerful and girly.


I walked to work yesterday morning and as I crested my little hill at the end of the road, the electrical Al drove by. He yelled out his window “It must be Spring!” And I twirled and flounced in my skirt for him. What music do I hear in my ears on Sunny Skirted Days? Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Wailin’ Jennys. Girls! And what do I smell? The intoxicating smell of lilies, orchids, daffodils, tulips, gerbers. Girly Girly Girly! Celebrate!

I am woman, see me twirl!


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3 Thoughts on “Lately…Twirling

  1. The photo of the little girl (who I am sure is you!) and the final line of your entry, “I am woman, see me twirl,” tell me you know yourself well and are unabashedly unapologetic! Something I adore in you!xo

  2. Thank you for writing so beautifully and sharing such a happy day! This put a smile on my face :)

  3. PINK!!

    I liked pink when I was a girl and then, I absolutely abhorred it (that was in my black and navy clothing only stage). Then I moved to Japan, and it’s true, there is something delightful about the cherry blossoms that started to melt that. At first I fought the pink in the country, and there was a lot of it there, especially with the kids that I was teaching. Then we had Hallowe’en ( and I decided to moque the pink and the girly and was a pretty faerie princess for every kids class (2-4 hours each day) for an entire week, complete with sparkles and little sparkly stars that I put on the kids faces. Something happened to me half way through the week and I was never the same. My closet began to be filled with rose coloured shirts and pink and red shirts, all sorts of purples began to take over my wardrobe. When I was pregnant, I wanted to wear pretty clothes and skirts. Something about the shape of my expanding belly made me feel very pretty and I wanted the exterior clothes to match how I felt inside, powerful and life-giving as only a woman can. And now that I have a little girl (whom I vowed to never deck out in pink – and seem to do so on a regular basis), it just seems like the thing to wear. It makes me feel girly. It actually makes me feel stronger, like I’m able to accept more of who I am as a female, instead of trying to just draw strength from my more “male” traits. It makes me feel more balanced. And now, I will wear pink and not even necessarily realize that I am decked out in pink, I just feel like twirling.

    So if any girl doesn’t like pink, I suggest that they wear that colour everyday for a week (and if you can include a very frilly, lacey white skirt that you got from a drag-queen shop in Harajuku… I highly recommend it in breaking through to the girly side of you).

    There is also something about the sun and the flowers starting to come out that make me also want to twirl. There is a joyful delight about watching the garden awake from its winter slumber that makes my soul start to jiggle like Aurora does when her Gam makes faces at her.

    I also noticed that you’ve changed your theme… I use Atahualpa too for Mum’s business’ page.

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