The Camera has been to War and returned.


My camera broke a while ago. It took me a couple months to remember to take it to town and drop it off for an estimation on repairs. Then it took nearly three weeks for me to remember to pick up the camera from the repair place. We opted not to fix it as it was more expensive to fix the camera than buy a new one. And the camera is old.

So my do-it-yourself husband who is very good at starting projects (I am not saying anything else on this matter) found a site that instructed the layman how to repair the camera. I should say, the site instructed a genius who knows how to weld and follow even the teeniest instructions with perfection on how to replace a pin the size of a thumb tack and fix the camera.

Not an easy job.

Well, Marc did all this and surprised me for Christmas.

Except that a piece broke as he was reassembling it, so that the camera mostly works. The incredible effort is still very impressive.

And, I’d forgotten that I had photos on the camera we’d not taken off. From the summer. So after such a heroic story, here are a couple from July along with some new ones from a geriatric camera that has seen war!










I also have to thank Danielle for her excellent work in making Gabrielle play food for her little play kitchen. There is so much play food out there that is plastic orĀ  junk food! Crocheted play salad made by Auntie is scads better than some of our other options.

Allow me a tiny rant: how can we expect our children to grow up eating a healthy diet if all they have to play with as children is plastic hot dogs, cookies, pizza, french fries and milkshakes. I am all for enjoying those delicious treats as treats! Not as something you always have available in your kitchen on endless supply. I mean, where is the veggies and tofu and nuts? *End Rant.*

What was I saying about being a hippy?

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6 Thoughts on “The Camera has been to War and returned.

  1. Love your new blog format! And that little cutie is irresistable! Cutest little stink eye ever!

  2. The 3rd picture made me chuckle – what a great look that one is! And FYI you can buy felt play food that is healthy. Melissa & Doug have a sandwich set, and a pizza set. Ikea has felt fruit & veggies that come with little felt baskets.

  3. I also love the blog format :) Glad your camera is working again. Yay for husbands who aren’t afraid to try and fix things, and do it successfully too!

  4. Cora loved looking at the pictures series of Gabrielle’s faces. So cute!

  5. She is so precious! Yay for more Brie photos! And that crocheted salad… to die for!

  6. Well, I do love your ways of being a hippie. Including toy-salad :)

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