a little weekending

In the slowness of a weekend morning where Daddy doesn’t have to rush off to work. And there is no play group to attend, we move quietly through our routine. With more time for sighing in between. And more time for dawddling and getting distracted.

I am not a very on-task person. We are often late for drop in activities because I forget until the last minute to pack a snack or find a lost shoe.

But we usually make it out the door. Weekends are lovely for not making it anywhere on time. For being quiet and finding a new leaf, a new stick, a soggy pine-cone.

And sometimes, the weekends are even sunny!

Gabrielle has been speaking in full sentences now and though we didn’t really notice it happening, it seems like it’s been a gradual build up of words, and all at once these long stories are created. Telling me what she dreams, or what she pretends or what she thinks has happened. Telling me who loves her, and who she loves. Re-telling me her favourite stories, either from her imagination, or library books. She narrates what she does. And tells me how she feels. A. Lot.

The other day she turned to me and said “Brie frustrated about mittens.” Then yesterday she dumped her cheddar bunnies on the floor and said “Just an accident Mommy. A rhinoceros tripped on them.” Uh huh.

She’s been potty trained through the day now for a couple months and it is a pleasure. We diaper her at nap time though it’s not always necessary. And through the night she wears a diaper and it’s quite necessary. How do you night-train a kid?

We’ve been like little squirrels around here, stashing for Christmas and a certain upcoming birthday. And of course, advent.

And I’m waiting on a baby. A tardy one at that.

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7 Thoughts on “a little weekending

  1. I adore that first shot of Brie. <3 I am always thrilled to hear about how she is growing, what new skills she is acquiring and just getting a glimpse into her little personality. You don't however, need to mention potty training again. Kitty is adamant, steadfast and dead set in her refusal to use the potty. Not a battle I can win so I just sigh and realize that I will have a college freshman in diapers.

  2. How wonderul to imagine your serene life on Pender Island, listening to your sweet Brie, smiling at her stories, laughing out loud at her concoction of words and taking in the fact that this little one knows love when she feels it. Pure joy!

  3. My heart leapt a bit when you said ‘waiting on a baby.’ I thought, wow! You’re pregnant? But then, I got it. Silly Charlotte. This IS a doula’s blog after all :)

  4. I have no idea how to night train a baby. My first was trained through the day for a loooooong time before nighttrained. My second trained at night the same week as he did the day… and the third is following suit of the 1st. Have not attempted #4. I was told by a nurse friend of mine that a certain hormone is produced eventually which concentrates things during the night. If kids are having real trouble, you can get medicine. (Which we’ve never resorted to). Anyway, I have also read several places that doctors won’t even look at you until your child is over 5 or 6 and still wetting at night.

  5. Allison on 28 December, 2012 at 1:00 pm said:

    Hey! I always love “rediscovering” your blog. I read it endlessly until I’m all caught up and then slowly forget to check in for a few weeks and now I’m back again reading furiously. I absolutely love it!
    Potty training – I seem to remember Keida being about a year between day-trained and night-trained, but Livvy has been day trained since she was about 2 (she’ll be 4 in May)and still wears diapers to bed. They’re not always wet, about half the time, but when they’re wet, they’re WET. We just take her to the bathroom before bed and when she wakes up (even if it’s in the middle of the night). Until her diapers are consistently dry for an extended period of time, they’re staying on :) No big deal.

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