Sideways Snapshots

When my life contains things that I cannot blog about because it infringes on other people’s privacy, I take pictures of the sideways things we are doing instead of the main things. This is a blog about what’s happening with us, but not everyone wants to have everything publicly announced. So I share with you today, the pictures of the sideways things. Shifting the camera away from main events to the backstage, so to speak.

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Living a simple quiet life on the Gulf Islands, BC.

3 Thoughts on “Sideways Snapshots

  1. Love all the knitted wear you incorporate into your backstage. And my little Pokeydoodle is darling!

  2. So paisley just climbed on my lap while I was looking at this and is very excited that we are looking at Brie! She is a bit concerned about brie’s dirty hands in the last picture…and is attacking me now to get another look! Miss you guys!

  3. Now I’m so curious! Your child is adorable!

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