A Completely Failed Sailing Attempt and “New” Friends

Have you ever attempted sailing with a toddler? A toddler who is past her nap, in lumpy seas? Then you may have sympathy for us, or wee Gabrielle during our Saturday morning experience.

We lasted half an hour. It was a beautiful day for a sail. The winds were 15-20 knots. And our boat just loves being out there. You can almost feel her smiling as we took off from our mooring buoy with the jib taut.

Then it began.

“No lumpy ocean! Back home! No up and down! Back home now!”

So yeah. We thought, oh this could be fun. We could do this for a 3 hour sail with no napping Brie (the ocean was much too rough for a nap) or we could turn around now and try to have a pleasant afternoon.

Upon arriving home, Marc began researching multi-hull boats to quell his frustration of missing such a beautiful sailing day.

“Maybe if the boat wasn’t rolling, she would like sailing?” He reasoned. I think she’ll grow out of it. We’ll try again soon.

On the upside, we were rowing out to our dock and a sailboat was coming in. The person on the bow shouted, “Amanda? Are you Amanda?” And it was a blog-reader who lives aboard with her Twins(!!) that are the same age as Gabrielle. Then, the same afternoon we got an email from Lara on Spirit of Kaizen and they were hailing Pender for the weekend too. What fun!

We spent Sunday with the crew from Kaizen and it was lovely. It was completely refreshing to connect with people that you don’t “know” but only virtually know and now that makes all the difference. I was thinking about it last night. It’s like the internet provides this make-believe place. And in this make-believe place you have these pretend friends who post pictures, who seem to like doing the same things as you, and they are the kind of people you’d love to hang out with every day. Then when these people materialize and are just that cool, well it kinda makes my head explode.

And now that we’re entering into September, Marc has begun wholeheartedly chopping wood for our early morning fires. I cleaned out Gabrielle’s drawers and put her shorts in a donation pile. We begin leaning towards Autumn in earnest, because it is our favourite season after all. And my doula work has begun to pick up again. Yay for sweet little babies about to enter the world!

Happy September wishes to my real and make-believe friends.

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3 Thoughts on “A Completely Failed Sailing Attempt and “New” Friends

  1. I love the way such good comes from a potential disappointment. And you tell it so well!

  2. Yeah, Cora and sailing is a bit of a nightmare too. She won’t stay put and when it is rolly, she falls all over the place. It stresses me out. I have no idea how we’re going to fix it. That, and deal with her recent bout of seasickness :(

  3. We took Freja sailing on a 22′ foot boat a couple months back and she hated it. More specifically, she hated the life jacket. But on Friday we went out on a friend’s boat (power) with their 2 1/2 year old who had to wear his life jacket the whole time. (Freja didn’t b/c we were on a big powerboat and she’s not yet running, jumping, etc..) We had a great time. The next day we took her out in a different friend’s little 15 foot powerboat. We asked her if she wanted to go on the boat. She looked a little wary. Then we asked her if she wanted to wear her life jacket like Andrew (the 2 1/2 year old) and she started squealing. We were out for over an hour and she loved it.

    So. Long story short: can you find another boating kid who is a little older that is used to a life jacket and the whole boating scene and can show Gabrielle just how much fun it really is?

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