Our Feet in the Dirt

Last year at this time, we were doing this (above.) We were sailing a lot on our boat, we were living aboard our big boat. And we were enjoying the summer in the best fashion possible. — I have no idea what happened to those sunglasses! They were rockin’.

This summer, we are still having the most fun possible. But with different strokes.

Instead of sailing, we have been gardening. With our ocean-loving feet planted firmly in the soil, we are beginning to harvest in our garden.

Not by any means have we abandoned our boat-loving ways. The little boat is getting a refit right now. We have a new head to install and no bolts to install it. (We need to do a run into town.) We have been sanding and oiling the teak inside. C&C’s are known for their beautiful teak interiors and we want to spiff it up quite a bit. In the Autumn, we will have our cushions recovered by someone local. (We have fantastic material that I’m excited to show you.) And in a couple weeks, we’ll be hauling the boat out for a bottom paint. So we show you not a grungy half-put together boat. Instead we show you beautiful vegetables and our first efforts at canning green beans.

Marc read the instructions carefully. We have a huge pressure cooker that he uses for sterilizing mushroom jars when we were growing our own oyster mushrooms. This pressure cooker works beautifully for preserving our hard-earned veggies we’re growing. We wanted to get the beans beautifully sealed instead of freezing them because it takes more energy to keep something frozen year round than sitting patiently in the pantry.

What amazes me is the difference in activities from one summer to the next. We were feeling alright about not gardening last summer and we enjoyed sailing and not being tied to land. But how we love the land! Honestly I don’t think I could choose between them. When we talk about the advantages of living aboard again (mostly financially) we would sorely miss the growing fresh veggies and the bees, oh the bees. In our ideal life, we would do both. So maybe we shall!

Happy Summering to you.

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4 Thoughts on “Our Feet in the Dirt

  1. Cidnie on 10 August, 2012 at 5:55 pm said:

    I think the most glorious thing you are growing is that wee girlie of yours. <3 She just absolutely melts my heart.

  2. Danielle on 10 August, 2012 at 6:20 pm said:

    I am absolutely looking forward to traipsing through your glorious garden (carefully of course) and seeing and smelling and tasting (hopefully) you bountiful crops!!! See you in two sleeps!!!

  3. Beautiful! I just made refrigerated green bean pickles yesterday because I also am experiencing an abundance of beans! I would have loved to can them, but my lack of know-how is one thing, plus mason jars are insanely expensive here!! :) Happy food-preserving.

  4. Oh man those green beans look incredible. Wish I could try some! And I just adore her pit tails!

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