Hawaii or Bust

We are fresh back from Hawaii. And you’d think we’d be tanned or a least a bit rosy but we used this all natural hippy sunscreen which must have lime stone or clay in it. It created such an effective cement wall against any sun damage that we don’t even have a lick of sun-kissed skin to show for our adventures. So we’ve been making up for it by wearing flowers in our hair.

I was nervous traveling with wee Gabrielle. She’s nearly 16 months and has a self-appointed naptime and would she be ok sleeping in a bed that wasn’t hers? How would the airplane be for her?

Well it turns out she was made for world travel. Next stop: THE WORLD! She was a complete champ and we had no problems! (except when we doused her in sunscreen which became known as sunSCREAM)

It was a great trip. My highlights were:

-Gabrielle on the moving sidewalks in the airport looking utterly delighted.
-The 15 person pile up when Gabrielle couldn’t figure out how to disembark from the moving sidewalks. Like a tourist accordian. Fantastic.
-The look on Gabrielle’s face when she realized we were airborn. She pointed to the sky and signed BIRD BIRD BIRD. Completely thrilled and thrilling.
-Seeing friends, some I hadn’t seen in a couple years, and singing along to their newly-purchased ukulele.
-Teaching Gabrielle what a volcano says, “POOOOWWWWFF”
-Wearing sun-dresses and bikinis every day. Man it’s cold at home!
-Watching Roslyn walk down the aisle, at her brother’s arm, to the man she loves
-Laughing as Roslyn and Pete, newly married, climbed palm trees like little monkeys.
-Dancing the Hukilau with people I love.

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5 Thoughts on “Hawaii or Bust

  1. Cidnie on 6 April, 2012 at 5:09 am said:

    So happy you had a good trip! Gabrielle looks as if she were born to be a beach baby. <3

  2. Bea Smoker on 6 April, 2012 at 8:19 am said:

    Great to hear Gabrielle is such a good traveller. You both look so happy and healthy.

  3. Holly on 6 April, 2012 at 10:18 pm said:

    Sounds like such a lovely time. So glad you were able to share in such a wonderful moment, with your little world traveler in tow! Next stop…Edmonton! (start small).

  4. Dude, looks like Hawaii was a blast! Now you’ll just have to visit SD!

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