In January

We have an expansive field right next to our little cottage. Our landlords own it and use it for haying. It’s a gorgeous place to run around, when it’s not Winter. Basically we’ve had winds here that have been blowing at 100 km/hr. And the rain just doesn’t stop. This is typical of Winter on the west coast. And honestly, as far as weather in Canada goes, we have it pretty darn good.

Gabrielle has just discovered Outside. Outside being the place she wants to be All The Time! So we take her out in the rain and the wind. She is happy as a clam. A freezing wet little clam.

Lately we’ve tried other methods of inside entertainment, that do not involve watching little videos on the computer. (When we tried this, it took a couple days and she became completely belligerent so we knew that TV was not good for her overall demeanor.) Lately, the entertainment has come from the Laundry.

Recently we brought Ramona the cat home to our place. She’s been living at my generous in-laws’ place (Thank you Ron and Gail) as we’ve been flitting around and in transition and away. Gabrielle completely loves this. She’s learned the sign for cat which she does over and over as she chases Ramona around the house. So far, the born-in-a-barn, runaway-cat who can be quite unpredictable in her moods has been nothing but patient (if not fleeing) with our sweet babe. Ramona lets Gabrielle pet and kiss her then tucks herself in an unavailable little corner unreachable by the baby. It’s a happy little relationship which I expect to blossom as they get to know each other and Gabrielle becomes a little more coordinated.

Gabrielle has an appointment next week for an RSV shot and a weight/oxygen sat test. She doesn’t have an echo now for maybe a month or two, which is so nice as she has to be sedated for them. She’s doing really well, growing and eating and moving. There are hours in the day where I even forget that we went through heart surgery just a couple months ago. Yet when I do remember, I feel appreciative and incredibly blessed with such a fantastic child. When I think of all she’s been through and survived, I say “Yes, let’s go play in the rain. Yes, let’s dance to that song one more time.” My measure of patience and joy swells as I get to watch her grow up ever-so fast.

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3 Thoughts on “In January

  1. Cidnie on 26 January, 2012 at 4:54 pm said:

    But Mom! Outside is where all the magic is! So happy to hear she is doing so well. I hope her next bit of testing brings excellent news.

  2. Kimberly on 26 January, 2012 at 7:56 pm said:

    You have such a great perspective. Truly, when I am tired, and my son wants to play “band” for the ninth time in a row, I actually remember your little one, and all you’ve gone through, and I appreciate him all the more! So THANK YOU for sharing your experiences and thoughts!

    ps. she is just getting cuter and cuter!

  3. Lovely.

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