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With the terrible weather, we’ve spent more time inside recently and we can only read “Hungry Caterpillar” so many times. The situation was desperate, and Marc found the answer. Crayons!

I knew that crayons would not only be great to explore dexterity and colour, they would also end up as chew toys. (A teething toddler, what else can you expect?) I didn’t feel comfortable giving her a regular box of crayons with the paraffin wax and red dye no. 5. I wanted to give her something more natural. Something more hippy. Here is our hippy crayons of choice.

Stubby Pencil Studio offers fantastic prices on natural art supplies. Gabrielle had some birthday money that we put toward some beeswax crayons and a toddler art book. Stubby Pencil Studio sent our order so promptly and it arrived in fantastic condition, with an extra box of jumbo soy crayons thrown in with the kindness and personal touch that only a small company can offer.

(For the sake of transparency, Stubby Pencil Studio did not compensate me for this review in any way. We are simply happy customers and wanted to share this fantastic product with you.)

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3 Thoughts on “Art Lessons

  1. Oooo – good to know. I have wanted to introduce her to art but she eats everything! I may just visit this lovely little company and become a happy customer myself :)

  2. Danielle on 24 January, 2012 at 10:25 am said:

    Such a smart little cookie you have there. Just like her Mama and Daddy I’m sure she’ll have many creative outlets through out her life. Happy colouring. I can’t wait to try the soy crayons out myself with Hannah when she’s a little bit older. Thanks for sharing the website! The prices are fantastic.

  3. This is a great idea! We have some finger paints, but I’ve been a bit shy of using them yet (I think they’d have to paint in the bath tub, and even then they’d probably eat half of it), crayons seem perfect though, I believe I will place an order today :) .

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