All Aboard!

This is my view from my land-home. Not too shabby.

But the boat view wasn’t to be downplayed either.

There are some funny little adjusting things going on as we transition from living aboard to living on land again. Such as:

Yesterday when I was doing the dishes when I thought to myself, Oh I’ve done the dishes a couple times now without emptying the gray water tank. I wonder where the switch for that is in this house? Doh! No gray water tank in a house! Score!

Also, I keep forgetting that I have access to a shower here. So I keep forgetting to have a shower. Yes, now aren’t you glad you don’t live nearby? Better than just a shower, I have a claw-foot tub! Last night, after realizing that I could actually bathe while Gabrielle was asleep, I took full opportunity. After a year and a half of always having to leave home to bathe, it was quite a treat to announce to Marc triumphantly, “I am going to go shower!”

And my, was it warmer than a boat sponge bath!

And while I’m swooning about living in a house, have I told you about my fridge? It’s so consistently cold!! Like the milk doesn’t go off. Like I can buy a big jug of milk and just have a glass now and then when I feel like it! We’ve been doing evaporated milk for a long time now and I can only stand adding it to my coffee. I couldn’t drink the stuff in big gulps like I’m drinking our milk now!

Gabrielle has found a new play place in our wood box. I think she approves of the house too!

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6 Thoughts on “All Aboard!

  1. it is so neat you are enjoying all the little things most of us take forgranted! makes me remember to appreciate modern day conviences.

  2. Danielle on 21 November, 2011 at 3:08 pm said:

    Have u tried to pump your toilet yet or secure your kitchen items so they don’t fall during rough seas?

  3. I am so happy you are settling into your little cabin. <3

  4. Lovely view, both ways. Glad you guys are settling in and enjoying the little things.

  5. Claw foot tub? Now you’re just bragging ;) haha! I forget to shower when we visit on land too. :)

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