Surgery: Moved UP!

It’s one of those days where Vancouver Children’s Hospital is dealing with “S”s or it just so happened that we were on every persons’ desk on the same day. Within an hour, I got 4 calls from the hospital where Gabrielle will have surgery.

All different departments coordinated together and rearranged schedules so that our surgery date is Sooner! We are going to Vancouver on October 30th. We will be doing pre-admission (which I call Pre-Op) on October 31st, Hallowe’en. Then on November 1st, Gabrielle will be put under for a CT Scan and chest x-ray. On November 3rd, she will have her open heart surgery.

I’m really glad that they moved it up because the anticipation is one of the hardest parts. I’m glad that we’ll be getting over and done with as soon as possible. Marc is done work at the mill so that will be nice not to lose that money. The inconvenient part is that Easter Seal house doesn’t have room for us until the date of her surgery, so we will have to pay a little more and stay in a hotel which is farther away from the hospital. Thankfully we will be in Easter Seal when Gabrielle is admitted into the hospital so we’ll be nice and close.

One of the little sad mom things I have to deal with, which really isn’t a big deal, is that Gabrielle will miss her first Hallowe’en. We got her a very cute Bumblebee costume and we were going to go to the mall in the afternoon and show her off with her little cousin Hannah. (Who will be an adorable caterpillar.) Yes, I know, in the light of heart surgery, this is not a big deal. It just reminds me of the things we’ve had to give up by having a sick kid.

Anyway, we appreciate your lovely thoughts and prayers as we prepare for this. As we wrap our minds around this, we know that we are not alone.

Hmm… I think we may have to do pre-op day in a bumblebee costume…

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8 Thoughts on “Surgery: Moved UP!

  1. We will be thinking of you! Please keep us posted. And we just took Cora’s Halloween photos today because we have no parties to take her to. We didn’t care. We dressed her up anyway and had a ball :)

    • Can’t wait to see those photos. Man, Cora’s gotta be one of the cutest kids! Mom and I are chattering about how we can adjust her bee costume to fit her tiny body.

  2. I vote pre-op as a bumblebee!

  3. Dress her up anyway! There is no reason not to get cute photos of your adorable busy bee. You can even give her a treat and lie to her and tellher it is Halloween. She will forgive you.

    I hope the surgery goes smoothly and Gabrielle heals quickly. She and your entire family are always in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. good luck! we will be thinking and praying for you guys! you can dress her up anytime you want; she surely doesnt know when the actually day of halloween is!!

  5. You could dress her in her bee costume for the ferry ride over:)

  6. Danielle on 25 October, 2011 at 9:56 am said:

    Hannah can dress up with Brie nut anytime!! We’ll have another Halloween and take the girls to the mall dressed up after the surgery. We’ll take tons of pictures to show the girls when they are older.

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