Still In Love

These are my parents.

They remind me to stay in love.

After 30 years, they are a very good example.

So I do.

I’ve never made a better choice.

Babe, loving you more every day.

Some people said to me, when I was planning on getting married that they don’t believe in marriage. I understand this, with so many couples separating. I get it. But my grandparents have been together more than 60 years, and my parents are planning the same legacy. I’ve seen that sometimes, with some people, it works. With lots of hard work.

Though some days, it’s easy.



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Living a simple quiet life on the Gulf Islands, BC.

3 Thoughts on “Still In Love

  1. Danielle on 1 October, 2011 at 10:08 am said:

    What a great testimony to love. Thanks for sharing. I hope the next generation of our family keeps up this tradition.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Good long marriages do exist! Whether people choose to believe in marriage or not. And yes, it is work.

  3. You and Marc inspire us too, sweetie. You’re well on your way!

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