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I’ve been up to my usual tricks this week, gardening and shaping clay. I’m feeling a little dry on my blogging lately. Really, guys, this is my life. I read a little, I write a little, I work too much, I shape some clay, play some piano, prepare some bee stuff and drive my small truck around the island.

We’ve planted some more peas, beans, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, cabbage and other assorted veggies.

On Island, the cows have had calves, the sheep have had lambs that I have no good photos to show you the evidence. The weather has been mostly cold and mostly rainy with some patches of sunshine.

What have you been up to?

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One Thought on “A Friday Moment

  1. Diddo on the feeling dry about blogging. My life is somewhat monotonous these days.

    I took all three of the children to the health unit to weigh the baby. It was a happy time because she grew! And also because the older two were well behaved.

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